US "whole of government" response to Russa cyber not enough, per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti - "I don't believe there's an effective unification across the interagency"

Map. History of USA conflict

22 March 2018
1 week ago
@SanfordPolice arrest Lewis Boone for Seminole Towne Center shooting Monday night.
1 week ago
SWAT and hostage negotiators with @DBPolice1 on scene of standoff with agitated man armed with long gun, pacing outside mothers house 1400 blk forest near mason. Police say man has violent history. Call came in as domestic dispute. Area residents sheltering in place.
Lewisville HS student arrested for making threat
At least 9 people were injured when a driver lost control and slammed into pedestrians in Brooklyn, police and fire officials say
1 week ago
Release Sanford, FL (March 8, 2018): Sanford Police apprehended Lewis Thomas Boone tonight for the shooting that occurred on March 5, 2018, in the parking lot of the Seminole Towne Center Mall.
Crystal Court house fire update: crews are still conducting interior attack operations at this fire. All firefighters are accounted for and safe. @MtJulietFire on scene providing Mutual Aid.
17-year-old student charged in connection with Hickory Ridge bomb threat
Durham Police investigate report of sexual assault near Duke campus
One man critically injured in Colleton County mobile home fire
Total loss: Early morning fire destroys mobile home in Pleasant Prairie:
1 week ago
A student was arrested Thursday after a bomb threat forced a high school in Cabarrus County to evacuate Tuesday
Hampton home heavily damaged by fire
1 week ago
@POTUS: South Korea to make 'major statement' on North Korea at 7 pm ET
1 week ago
Philadelphia police have arrested one man but are still searching for another in connection with a violent sexual assault that occurred in Center City.
1 week ago
Tonight at 6-a former security guard charged with the murder of a Chesapeake man, who's family says was playing Pokemon Go at the time, was in court today. Hear why his attorney believes he can't receive a fair trial in the area.
Baxter County man shot in the neck:
1 week ago
[email protected]: "Presidential Proclamation on Adjusting Imports of Aluminum into the United States" Proclamation: Remarks:
Police locate body of missing Eden Prairie man
Video of fire in Brandywine
St Paul's defeats Catholic High 59-52 in the Division I semifinals. Parker Edwards was on fire - 34 points and 7-11 shooting from 3-point range
'Shots fired.': Just-released radio traffic shows how school resource officer Scot Peterson responded in first critical minutes of Stoneman Douglas shooting
1 week ago
@browardsheriff releases timeline of events from the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting
@NCPD arrested and charged 18-year-old Maurice T. Singleton with murder and weapons possession, in connection with the shooting death of Vaughn McFadden. Singleton is expected to have a bond hearing on Friday morning.
1 week ago
Hilliard mayor fires Recreation and Parks director after deputy director charged for stealing $540,000 in city funds
1 week ago
Police: Body pulled from Ocoee retention pond
Car fire ignites grass, causes traffic troubles on I-25 near Larkspur
1 week ago
[email protected]: "American companies have not been treated fairly, and some American companies frankly have taken advantage of it and gone to other countries."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "I have a feeling we're going to make a deal on NAFTAand if we do, there won't be any tariffs on Canada and there won't be any tariffs on Mexico."
1 week ago
Scott Sauritch, maintenance worker at Irvin Works, President of Local Union 2227 says to @POTUS: "It's very important to usand I thank you for the opportunity."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "The workers who poured their souls into building this great nation were betrayed. But that betrayal is over."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "The actions that were taken today were not a matter of choice, they're a matter of necessity for our security."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "The American steel and aluminum industry has been ravaged by aggressive foreign trade practices. It's really an assault on our country."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "There's no tax if the product is made in the USA. You don't want to pay tax? Bring your plant to the USA."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "Today I'm defending America's national security by placing tariffs on foreign imports of steel and aluminum. We will have a 25% tariff on foreign steel and a 10% tariff on foreign aluminum when the product comes across our borders."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "We have to protect and build our steel and aluminum industries, while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are really friends of ours both on a trade basis and a military basis."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "Steel is steel. If you don't have steel, you don't have a country."
A man with gun who repeatedly refused police orders during a standoff near the Long Beach city hall, allegedly telling negotiators he had explosives in the van, was shot by police before the SWAT team moved in.
1 week ago
[email protected]: "A strong steel and aluminum industry are vital to our national security."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "I am honored to be here with our incredible steel and aluminum workers, and you are truly the backbone of America."
1 week ago
Three people have died in the wreckage of a small plane that crashed at Laredo International Airport after the pilot reported smoke coming from an engine.
1 week ago
Judge to Trump: Muting, not blocking Twitter followers, may end lawsuit
1 week ago
Man, 29, shot in Lawndale
Conviction upheld for David Hursley, a Battle Creek man who shot and bludgeoned a dog he said was 'driving him nuts' begging for food. 'The dog needed to learn his manners,' a witness reported him saying. @BattleCreekPD put the dog down.
Police car involved in multi-vehicle crash in Montgomery County, fire officials say
1 week ago
Off-duty CPD officer shoots at suspect during attempted carjacking in Chatham: An off-duty Chicago Police officer fired at a man who was trying to carjack him Thursday morning in the Chatham news crime stngwire chatham southside US Law Police
Investigators searching for 'unknown subject' starting fires in the Barton Creek Greenbelt
State Police are investigating a deadly single-vehicle crash near Chimayo
1 week ago
[email protected]: Great meeting with @Cabinet at the @WhiteHouse today. MAGA
Mississippi House passes what could be nation's most restrictive abortion law; governor expected to sign.
Las Vegas shooting victims who flew to Nashville not allowed to speak in legislature
Kirkland PD are at Juanita HS for a school shooting rumor. With an abundance of caution a planned assembly was cancelled by the Juanita HS and students are in class.We are working together with the HS to ensure continued safety of students and staff.Thank you for your patience.
Trump to sign tariff proclamations on steel, aluminum at 3:30p ET - White House
Shooting at an apartment complex near Apache and Harvard. Homicide detectives are at the scene
1 week ago
[email protected]: Happy InternationalWomensDay "First Lady Melania Trump to Present the 2018 International Women of Courage Award"
1 week ago
Got this from Hudson Police about a body being found. SBI is assisting with the investigation
37-year-old James Matthew McDougald is charged with first degree murder after a man was found dead in a Lumberton yard
Man killed in Tracy shooting
1 week ago
Police investigate shooting at north Tulsa gun range
Paul Manafort arrives back at court on tax, bank fraud charges
Call of an active shooter at Maize South is false, Dispatch says. There's still a police presence at the campus. @kansasdotcom
1 week ago
"We're not progressing because our interest there is to resolve this conflict" says @US_EUCOM Commander Gen Curtis Scaparrotti when asked if US with Ukraine is winning or losing vs Russia in Ukraine "We're more or less at a stalemate"
1 week ago
Gen. Scaparrotti's military advice? "That we continue to develop the capabilities we have. I think we have excellent capabilities" says @US_EUCOM's commander "We need to consider what type of deterrent effect we want to have" re: Russia cyber threat
14-Year-Old Arrested After Impersonating Officer in Victorville
1 week ago
[email protected]: "@NASA's making tremendous strides and we're using a lot of private money."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "This is Gary Cohn's last meeting He may be a globalist but I still like him."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "What the mayor of Oakland did the other day was a disgrace."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "You want the money, you can't have sanctuary cities."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "We're working to harden our schools and to make them less vulnerable to attack."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "The unemployment rate for women in our workforce is at an 18-year low." InternationalWomensDay
1 week ago
"It's a hot war" @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "They take casualties on both sides but particularly Ukraine" with rising casualties "It's actually Russia that doesn't want to move forward [with Minsk Agreement]they certainly could do more"
1 week ago
[email protected]: "Today is InternationalWomensDay and we're proud in all of the measures we've taken economically to empower women, especially in the workplace."
1 week ago
@OKCPS says US Grant is currently on lockdown after reports a gun was found on campus; Police on scene
1 week ago
[email protected]: "We're going to protect the American worker."
1 week ago
[email protected]: "We've created almost 3 million new jobs since the election."
1 week ago
US sending Javelins to Ukraine - "I wouldn't say I have zero concern, but it's not a lot of concern" per @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti, pointing to Russia equipment being given to their proxies
1 week ago
[email protected]: "Our very massive tax cuts are continuing to show tremendous results. 90% of American workers are already seeing bigger paychecks."
1 week ago
"It strikes me that what they're doing is sort of geopolitical jiu jitsu," @SenAngusKing re Russia interference "You use their opponents strength against them, and our strength is our freedom" @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti: "I agree with your thoughts"
1 week ago
Russia in the Arctic - "they would have the capability in some time, perhaps 2-3 years, to control the northern sea route" says @US_EUCOM Cmdr Gen Scaparrotti, based on what Moscow is putting in place
1 week ago
Balancing US-Turkey and US-Kurd relationships - "It's a very difficult and complex situation" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "I'm hopeful we can walk this path and attain both interests"
Attorneys argue over fatal shooting outside Pittsburg ice cream parlor; case goes to jury
1 week ago
D: Vehicle on fire in Marion on I-75 north at Exit 350 SR200 and traffic backed up until CR-484, right lane
1 week ago
Seeing "at a minimum deconfliction if not support" between Russia and Turkey in Syria per Gen Scaparrotti says Russia-Iran ties "one of convenience"
1 week ago
US seeing some Russia China cooperation in specific areas - naval training ops in European theater, maybe in port in Djibouti, per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti-but "I think they still have issues that wouldn't make them natural partners"
1 week ago
"We need to wrestle with it because we need to get a better definitionwhat's acceptable" @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti says of long ongoing policy debate of defining int'l standard of what is cyberwar "We've got to begin to move forward"
1 week ago
"Putin loves it. When Americans hate Americans and we fight with each other, Russia wins" @SenSasse tells @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti "We're nuts if we don't understand that the next round of this is going to include lots of specific economic warfare"
1 week ago
Worried about lack of ambassador to Belarus Belgium Iceland Ireland Sweden Turkey - "It does concern me," says @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti, saying other organizations also waiting for US ambassadors
Top US general in Europe: "I don't believe there is an effective" US response to confront Russian cyber threats - NATO Supreme Allied CMDR-Europe Scaparrotti
1 week ago
"In conjunction with @NATO and the other nations, we're actually employing our capabilities to get our messages out at volume" per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti re: countering Russia messaging
1 week ago
"Western democracies have kind of assumed that our people understood what was important about a democracy and the way that we live" per Scaparrotti "We've got to reinforce that. It needs to be donethat takes focus and that takes volume"
1 week ago
"We have to continue to focus on the values that democracies profess, democratic institutions, int'l rule of law" per @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti "That's a very high level general statement but we've kind of left that" re Russia interference
1 week ago
"It can really undermine a nation because all they have to do is sow some confusion" per Gen Scaparrotti "It's subtle but it's constant" with more of it in EasternEurope
1 week ago
W/Russia, "Their disinformation, their social media, it is generally targeted at the undermining of Western values, confidence in that government" says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "They can use multiple platforms and generate great volume"
1 week ago
Investigators continue to work at the farm of Perry Town Board member Joseph Mlyniec, who is accused of fatally shooting 32 year old Robert Irvine III in his driveway yesterday evening. Mlyniec, 61, is charged with 2nd degree murder. @news4buffalo
1 week ago
Political warfare? "It would be the attacks or efforts to spoil policy or politics within a governmentit's policies and its values" per @US_EUCOM Cmdr Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti
1 week ago
If had more money, @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti would look to C4ISR - "Our intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance is so important to me, particularly when you don't have the posture you want" he says
1 week ago
Turkey deal with Russia to buy S400 air defense system topic of multiple conversations with Turkish chief of defense, per @US_EUCOM's Scaparrotti "We're in close discussion with Turkey in respect to air defense measures"
1 week ago
"I haven't personally seen that myself" Gen Scaparrotti says of Turkey being not helpful in the Balkans
1 week ago
Turkey also active in the Balkans, per @US_EUCOM's Gen Scaparrotti: "Turkey primarily enters most of these countries in the Balkans with a humanitarian approachThere are some who have said this influence isn't helpful"
1 week ago
Serbia is a particular area of concern in the Balkans with Russia interference/activity, says @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "I've seen an increase in the year and a half I've been on the job"
1 week ago
"That's one way they determine whether the West is serious about their desire to be a part of the West" says Gen. Scaparrotti of need to engage Balkans population with diplomacy
1 week ago
"Russia's at work in the Balkans and I think we've kind of taken our eye off of the area," per Gen Scaparrotti "It's an area where in terms of diplomacy we have to put some focus in my opinion" and continue with security reform
1 week ago
Russia-"They're involved in just about every aspect of Europe in on way or the other," per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti "The area that I'm concerned about today is the Balkans"
Route 4 closed in Lebanon after serious crash
On scene of a house fire at 8th and Ivory in the Perry District. Neighbors tell me the woman who lives here died. kxly
1 week ago
Russia's ZAPAD exercise in late 2017 "reinforced what we believed was their direction in terms of their doctrine," per Gen Scaparrotti "They incorporated what I would call a whole of society approach" developed over past 10 years
1 week ago
If US fails to modernize, Russia will be able to challenge US military in just about every domain by 2025, warns Gen. Scaparrotti
1 week ago
"Given their modernization and the pace that it's on, and what we are aware of they're doing, we have to maintain our modernization," warns @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti "so we can remain dominant in the areas that we are dominant today"
1 week ago
US "whole of government" response to Russa cyber not enough, per @US_EUCOM's Gen. Scaparrotti - "I don't believe there's an effective unification across the interagency"
1 week ago
Cyber ops center for @US_EUCOM "has been reinforced substantially" per Gen. Scaparrotti at SASC "I also, upon my request, have the authorities I've asked for in regards to Russia
1 week ago
"We're trying to map that out" says @US_EUCOM Gen Scaparrotti of Russia's cyber ops infrastructure "We're getting a better understanding of it. I would not characterize it as a good picture at this point"
1 week ago
SASC's @JimInhofe: US forces in Europe "outranged, outgunned and outmatched" by Russia? @US_EUCOM Gen. Scaparrotti: "If you look at it it in a concentrated way on the border of Eastern Europe and only on the ground force, I would agree with that statement"
SCFD is currently assisting Englewood Fire Department with a 3-alarm fire. Englewood Fire Department is the lead agency for the fire.
The Blount County Sheriff's Office investigated incidents at two schools Wednesday and arrested one juvenile for making threats. The school resource officer at Union Grove Middle School arrested a 14-year-old boy and charged him with delinquent by false reports after he allegedly told students over the past two weeks that he wanted to shoot someone.
1 week ago
SASC Chair @JimInhofe: are US forces in Europe "outranged, outgunned and outmatched by Russia|n ground forces"? @US_EUCOM Gen. Scaparrotti: "If you look at it it in a concentrated way on the border of Eastern Europe and only on the ground force, I would agree with that statement"
An Eagle Butte woman has pleaded not guilty to embezzling from a tribal business on the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation.
Detectives arrested three people Wednesday who were involved in gunfire, a beating and a kidnapping at First Colony Mall, the Sugar Land Police Department says. According to SLPD, a motorist flagged down a Fort Bend County deputy on the Southwest Freeway near Williams Way.
Europe "an increasingly complex and competitive security environment," SACEUR/@US_EUCOM Commander Gen. Curtis Scaparrotti tells SASC in opening statement
Deputies say shooters fired through the windows of a home in Cut and Shoot wounding two men who were inside at the time.
Statement from Lockport City School District regarding Lockport High School threat
A heavy police presence has responded to Richmond’s Mosby Court neighborhood Wednesday night. The police presence is located in the 1900 block of Raven St. near the intersection of Ford Ave.
2 People Taken To Hospital After Lawndale Fire
Enroute accident at 4th/Lomas Albuquerque
Police found a man dead Wednesday night in a yard on Peachtree Street in Lumberton, according to Captain Terry Parker with Lumberton Police. Parker said the man was taken to Southeastern Regional Medical Center, where he was officially pronounced dead.
Lexington County first responders were on scene of a house fire early Thursday morning, according to the county. The fire happened at a home on the 100 block of Parkwood Dr.
A man is in custody in connection with a fatal shooting at an apartment complex and a chase late Wednesday night, the Westminster Police Department said. About 10:50 p.m., police responded to a call of a possible shooting near the area of 5500 79th Ave.
Oklahoma City police say they believe they've found the dead body of a missing Norman 7-month-old. At 8 a.m. Thursday, officials announced they'd discovered the body of "who is believed to be Jody Minjarez", the baby who's been missing from Norman since Feb. 19. He was found at a residence in the 3000 block of Venice Blvd. in the metro.
I-84 EB is CLOSED in VERNON at Exit 66, after a serious crash involving a tractor-trailer and an SUV.
Police say a 42-year-old man, a driver for a ride-hailing company, was robbed at gunpoint Thursday morning on Detroit's east side. The armed robbery took place around 2:40 a.m. in the area of Emery and the Interstate 75 Service Drive, said Officer Dan Donakowski. That's just north of East Seven Mile.
Suspect is believed to be barricaded under this porch near W Burnside this morning. Police are working to get the woman out
The body of a child believed to be 7-month-old Jody Minjarez was located at the residence in OKC where 31YO Victor Minjarez was taken into custody
The driver of a vehicle police were chasing down Jefferson Highway this morning slammed into two Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Office vehicles. The high speed pursuit began around 6:45 a.m. on Jefferson Highway.
Charleston Police are still looking for the person who shot a man twice early Thursday morning. Charleston Police say the victim, Alexander (Alex) Brown, 35, of Charleston, was shot in the 400 block of Elm Street in Charleston. It happened just before 5 a.m.
Massive fire burns at Maine golf course
Council Bluffs Police say no one was injured when a car was driven off the road Thursday morning into a body of water. Police say 58-year-old Frank Spring of Council Bluffs was driving his 2008 Chevy Malibu through Big Lake Park around 5:30 a.m. He looked away from the road and lost control, driving off the road and into a body of water at the park. Police say alcohol was not a factor in the accident.
1 week ago
A 26-year-old Cleveland man is facing charges for drug trafficking. Steven Riddle is accused of selling fentanyl, cocaine and using a gun to protect himself. The 26-year-old has been indicted on one count each of distribution of fentanyl, distribution of crack cocaine and using a firearm in relation to drug trafficking. He's also being indicted for being a felon in possession of a gun.
Albuquerque Police officer involved in a crash that killed a six-year-old boy, is now countersuing the family he crashed into. According to the countersuit, Officer Johnathan McDonnell was responding to a call of a male armed with a machete, when he crashed into the family’s car at the intersection of Eubank and Indian School.
An 18-year-old man was seriously injured in a shooting overnight just blocks away from a police station on the North Side. The shooting happened around 12:05 a.m. Thursday in the 2600 block of West Berwyn Avenue in the Budlong Woods neighborhood.
One person is dead following a fire at a home in Tampa on Thursday morning.  Four Tampa Police officers responded to the home at 3405 Fern Street and pulled a woman out of the home. She died at the scene. Three officers were taken to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation and one officer was treated at the scene.1 week ago
One person is dead following a fire at a home in Tampa on Thursday morning. Four Tampa Police officers responded to the home at 3405 Fern Street and pulled a woman out of the home. She died at the scene. Three officers were taken to the hospital, suffering from smoke inhalation and one officer was treated at the scene.
Missouri police begged a barricaded suspect to let them tend to a wounded officer, and by the time they reach him hours later it was too late.
A 59-year-old man shot himself in the hand Thursday morning in the Calumet Heights neighborhood on the Far South Side. About 5:30 a.m., the man wounded himself in the 9200 block of South Kingston Avenue, Chicago police said.
Woman struck by snow plow near hospital
A Kentucky man has died from a fall at Red River Gorge. Wolfe County Coroner Frank Porter told news media outlets that 20-year-old Luis Fernando Carlos died Tuesday evening after falling off Whistling Arch trail
Trump suggests he'll impose massive steel and aluminum tariffs today
Five people have been displaced after a two-alarm fire broke out at an apartment complex Thursday morning. Officials said the fire started before 8 a.m. at the Mission Capital Crossing Apartments located in the 4000 block of Dansey Drive
Adams County Fire investigating a fire at Public Storage at York and 74th. 5 units damaged. No injuries. No cause of the fire has been determined
Officers are on-scene at 12th Ave and Colorado Blvd. working a Serious Injury, two-car crash. Please be advised, northbound Colorado Blvd is closed at that location
Traffic was reduced to one lane on Interstate 59 Thursday morning following a vehicle fire. The North Forrest Fire Department responded to the blaze at 6:00 a.m., according to fire fighter Chris Barney.
Victor Minjarez, accused of abducting his 7-month-old son, has been booked into jail on a murder charge. But police have yet to say if the complaint is related to his still-missing child
1 week ago
Fort Pierce Police say 15-year-old boy missing since February found safe.
Crews are clearing a crash east of Boise at MP 66 on I-84.  That's two miles east of the Blacks Creek exit.  WB lanes are closed, traffic is being diverted around the crash through the weigh station so things are still moving pretty smoothly in the area.1 week ago
Crews are clearing a crash east of Boise at MP 66 on I-84. That's two miles east of the Blacks Creek exit. WB lanes are closed, traffic is being diverted around the crash through the weigh station so things are still moving pretty smoothly in the area.
1 week ago
Florida authorities say one Minnesota woman was killed while 14 other people from Minnesota were injured in a crash on Interstate 75 near Fort Lauderdale Tuesday afternoon.
Crews fighting Fruit Heights house fire near 593 N. 1400 E.
US closes consular agency in Mexico, bars employee travel over 'security threat'
Deadly crash on SB I-5 @ Bridgeport. WSP says 3 people are dead. Investigators are blocking all SB lanes right now.
1 week ago
Khamenei: The western model for women is symbolic of consumerism, cosmetics, showing off for men as a tool of male sexual arousal. All they claim, including gender injustice and so on, is just talk. The reality is different.
US tariffs will show 'great flexibility' to 'real friends': Trump
A man has been charged after a Chicago police officer was dragged Tuesday morning, police said. Police said a three-time felon, 26-year-old Paris McKinley of Summit, was on parole Tuesday at about 1 a.m. when he was stopped by officers near 59th Street and Western Avenue.
Trump to meet with video-game industry in wake of mass shooting in Parkland, Florida
1 week ago
3 people killed in early morning crash on I-5 near Tacoma, SB lanes closed, one lane open NB. Expect delays throughout the morning in the area. pdxtraffic
1 week ago
Man shot in Cypress apartments
Tillerson Says US 'a Long Way' From Talks With North Korea
1 week ago
[email protected]: Looking forward to 3:30 P.M. meeting today at the White House. We have to protect and build our Steel and Aluminum Industries while at the same time showing great flexibility and cooperation toward those that are real friends and treat us fairly on both trade and the military.
Scene of a fatal crash
A jury in west-central Arkansas has sentenced a man to death by lethal injection for the 2015 shooting deaths of his wife and daughter.The Sentinel-Record reports that 57-year-old Eric Allen Reid was sentenced Tuesday in Garland County District Court. The decision comes after being convicted Friday on two counts of capital murder in the October 2015 deaths of his wife, 57-year-old Laura Reid, and older daughter, 32-year-old Mary Ann Reid.
An overnight wreck on I-85 leaves a DeKalb County Police Officer injured. It happened at 2:30am near Pleasantdale Road, and we're told the officer was transported to a hospital in serious condition, while the driver of the other vehicle was taken into custody. fox5atl
A man has died Wednesday night after being shot in KCK, officials say. The shooting happened around 6:15 p.m. Wednesday near 26th Street and Quindaro, according to KCK Police Chief Terry Ziegler
1 week ago
A transgender woman was shot in the leg overnight by a man she met online, San Antonio police said Thursday.
Authorities said they are investigating a fatal shooting at an Alabama high school as apparently accidental, lamenting the death of a 17-year-old female student in the incident that also left a 17-year-old boy injured.
Police say they have several people in custody for questioning in relation to a drive-by shooting that killed a toddler. Investigators believe an arrest is imminent. The shooting happened at 615 Murray Road around 7:00 Wednesday night.
Boise Police attempted a traffic stop in Garden City that later ended in a single-vehicle crash Wednesday morning in Garden City. Police say Colby Sage, 20, of Boise was taken into custody for felony grand theft and eluding an officer.
Las Vegas police are searching for a man who robbed an Adult Superstore last month in the central valley. Police said that on Feb. 25 a man walked into the Adult Superstore at 3850 W. Tropicana Ave., near Valley View Boulevard, and drew a knife.
A man's body was found overnight in Southeast D.C., according to authorities. D.C. Police say that no foul play is suspected in the death.
A guest at the Conrad Hotel off the Magnificent Mile was robbed by a man and woman armed with mace Thursday morning, Chicago police said. At about 1:30 a.m., the hotel guest, a 47-year-old man, got a knock at his door inside the Conrad Hotel in the first block of East Erie Street. Then two people, a man and a woman, robbed him, police said.
Police in Livingston are investigating an attempted child abduction. The incident happened Tuesday just before 6 p.m. The child's mother said an unknown male grabbed a hold of her child and began to pull him away from the sidewalk.
The search is on for at least one suspect after an off-duty officer was hit with a van in south St. Louis County Wednesday evening. The off-duty St. Louis County officer was shopping at Costco on Rusty Road when store employees noticed two suspects stealing merchandise around 6:15 p.m.
On March 5th at 1 P.M., a School Resource Officer received information of a potential threat of violence at Gar-Field High School. A student reported to the School Resource Officer that he overheard another student making statements about placing a bomb in the school. The officer subsequently identified the student who made the statements and quickly determined that the threat was not credible
Two men were taken to an area hospital and two people are in police custody following a shooting on the city's Southwest Side overnight, San Antonio police said Thursday. The shooting was reported just before 1 a.m. in the 5400 block of Gwenda Lea Street, located not far from Old Pearsall Road.
A 3.4-magnitude earthquake, just west of South Hutchinson around 4:48 a.m.
TRAFFIC : A crashed tractor trailer is blocking both northbound lanes of I-295 near Exit 37 in Bowdoinham. Traffic is being diverted as a tow truck works to clear the scene. STORMCENTER NEWSCENTERmaine
A teenager was shot multiple times at an apartment complex in northwest Minot Wednesday night about 6:30 p.m. Minot police patrol commander John Klug said the 18-year-old man was taken to Trinity Hospital and it appeared he would survive.
Two 16-year-old Utah girls almost crushed in a car crash miraculously walked away with minor injuries and now say they hope others learn from their brush with death.1 week ago
Two 16-year-old Utah girls almost crushed in a car crash miraculously walked away with minor injuries and now say they hope others learn from their brush with death.
Man killed in Gorham mobile home fire1 week ago
Man killed in Gorham mobile home fire
A man shot by police died Wednesday night after a two-hour-long standoff with a Long Beach SWAT team following a report to police that he was believed to be armed and had threatened to blow up a federal building.
U.S.' Tillerson says African countries should weigh Chinese loans carefully
2 people confirmed dead in a rollover crash on southbound I-5 at Bridgeport. One person still trapped. One vehicle fled the scene and that driver was later taken into custody.
1 week ago
Two arrested, one dead after robbery at Metairie Jeff's Haberdashery, JPSO says
1 week ago
Grass Fire in Mexico Spreads to U.S. Wildlife Refuge; Multiple Agencies Assisting. TXFire Wildfire
This is the gun a man in Long Beach was holding during a 2-hour standoff with police that ended with him being shot and killed. - @ABC7
[email protected] @LAPDPacific Officers requested help for shots fired. Windward and Ocean Front Walk Venice. One shooting victim down, two possible suspects in custody. Unclear if this was an OIS or Officers witnessed the shooting in progress
Evacuations of thousands of Mission Valley resident lifted Wednesday evening after gas leak shuts down Fashion Valley mall, creates traffic nightmare - @CBS8 at 11pm
LASD Clears Pierce College of Any Threats Tonight. Classes will Resume Tomorrow
1 week ago
Alabama: 1 Student Dead, Another Hurt In School Shooting
According to the Long Beach Police Department, the suspect has died at the hospital.
Recent arrests in Laramie County, March 6th. All parties are considered innocent until proven guilty.
1 week ago
@DallasPD on scene of a deadly shooting in Far East Dallas. Story @GoodDayFox4 @FOX4
1 week ago
A man from Florida was killed in a snowmobile crash near Whitney Reservoir in Summit County
A Fairbanks man pleaded not guilty in Superior Court today on charges of Assault, Burglary, Theft, and Weapons Misconduct.
Boy, 17, shot to death in Humboldt Park
Millville Volunteer Fire Co said they and other departments responded to a Sussex County house fire Wednesday
1 week ago
Memphis police officers are on the scene at Forrest and North Avalon regarding a shooting. An unknown suspect fired shots in the area where officers were present.
Police investigate after 19-year-old shot in the leg in Newport News
1 week ago
Dallas police are investigating a multi-vehicle crash that killed two people Wednesday night in southwest Oak Cliff:
The Oahu man accused in a violent hammer attack in Waianae has been indicted for attempted murder. Kristopher Kalani’s bail was also increased to $500,000 from1 week ago
The Oahu man accused in a violent hammer attack in Waianae has been indicted for attempted murder. Kristopher Kalani’s bail was also increased to $500,000 from
Authorities investigating what led to Clinton officers being sent to wrong address before fatal shooting
1 week ago
Parkland shooting victims honored at Wynwood Walls candlelight vigil
Shooting in Box Elder. At 5:30 pm, March 7, the Box Elder Police and Pennington County Sheriff responded to a report of a shooting at an apartment complex at 308 Parker Drive in Box Elder. There is no public safety threat. We are conducting a joint investigation into the shooting.
1 week ago
Pierce College Evacuated Due To 'Credible Threat' On Campus
Birmingham City Schools presser on Huffman High School shooting
Keystone Heights student arrested for school shooting threat. I'll have the latest at 10
1 week ago
About 100 demonstrators gather at SFPD Mission station to protest a police shooting last night.
1 week ago
The Norwich Fire Department was checking up on hotspots throughout the day. The department said it had a few fires rekindle but were able to extinguish it quickly: KAKEnews
1 week ago
SkyEye13 was over this massive fire in Bacliff near Jackson and 11th. We do have a crew headed to this scene and we'll have more tonight at 10. HouNews
Riviera Beach Fire Rescue units are onscene of a rollover mvc. Two patient's transported to a local er for further treatment and evaluation. Video Courtesy of PIO Watson
1 week ago
Elderly man dies in Gorham Maine mobile home fire
1 week ago
Man shot on Northwest Side: The 23-year-old was shot in the leg at 6:38 p.m. in the 6000 block of West Roscoe, according to Chicago Police. news crime stngwire northwestside portagepark US Law Police
1 week ago
Structure Fire; 6500 South Blvd; commercial building with fire showing; Station 20 area
1 week ago
Major fire at Marco Town Center. Multiple units on scene in Marco
1 week ago
Las Vegas police confirmed that a child who was taken from his mother after an argument led to a shooting was "safely located."
Police: 1 dead, 1 critical in possible accidental shooting at Birmingham school
2 week ago
Hemet man arrested after allegedly shooting at passing cars in Moreno Valley
Police in Birmingham, Alabama say a 17-year-old female student has died in an "accidental" shooting at school. A male student was also injured:
2 week ago
Chief Wilson did not comment about metal detectors at the school, but said the metal detectors and location of the shooting are part of the investigation.
Officials confirm one student has died from their injuries after a shooting at Huffman High School in Birmingham, Alabama.
2 week ago
2 people found dead outside West Linn home Alderwood Drive
2 week ago
A 16-year-old stands charged with murder in connection to 17-year-old Gregory Thompson's shooting death last week.
2 week ago
DFD says 6 people injured in fire. 1 construction worker in critical condition. 1 firefighter suffered minor burns. Some workers who jumped were injured, so were people who tried to help.
Police are asking for help in finding a suspected thief who they say assaulted a loss prevention worker at Fred Meyer at 1100 North Meridian Avenue in Puyallup. Law enforcement said the man was caught on surveillance video trying to take $400 in merchandise around 12:20 p.m. on Feb. 27.
A Smyrna High School student has been charged with showing off what was believed to be a gun while in school, and threatening to shoot a student during an argument, police announced Wednesday
One person has been charged after a Sunday stabbing in Darlington that resulted in "extensive injuries
2 week ago
A threat by a Belmont High School student who was taken into custody by police outside of school early Wednesday spiraled into rumors of an armed student in the school later in the morning, panicking students, prompting a lockdown and worrying parents with yet another report of a firearm in an area school.
Milwaukee man charged in brutal killing of 19-year-old woman near 22nd and Townsend
Still searching for the suspected gunman, 26-year-old Amir Abdul-Rahim
Four people were arrested Wednesday after an officer deployed a Taser while responding to an in-progress case of identity fraud, Council Bluffs police said. Officers responded to the US Bank at 421 W. Broadway around 9:44 a.m. after a fraud in progress was reported.
Two conspiracy theorists were arrested Monday after harassing a Texas pastor at a church were more than two dozen worshippers were killed.
Multiple Johnson County fire departments are on scene of a large grass fire in the area of County Road 915A and Sky Road northeast of Godley2 week ago
Multiple Johnson County fire departments are on scene of a large grass fire in the area of County Road 915A and Sky Road northeast of Godley
Police are hoping to gather any information they can on a drive-by shooting that left a teenager paralyzed over the weekend. The Oklahoma City Police Department reports that at approximately 1 a.m. March 3 a group of six friends left a high school party at the NE Oklahoma City Community and Cultural Center, 3815 N. Kelley. The group left the party in two different vehicles.
A Boston-based Internal Revenue Service agent has been indicted on multiple charges related to alleged assaults on a college student last summer. The Suffolk County District attorney says 44-year-old James Clarke is charged with aggravated rape, indecent assault, battery and other charges in relation to an incident on July 26, 2017, where he allegedly invited a 21-year-old woman for drinks after work.
Two people were arrested after police say a man was stabbed while “playing a game” on a MegaBus traveling through Indiana. Officers with the Seymour Police Department and Indiana State Police troopers responded to a stabbing report around 6 a.m. on Tuesday.
According to Ector County Sheriff's Office, seven people have been arrested and charged with capital murder in the death of Fred Hardy McNeal.2 week ago
According to Ector County Sheriff's Office, seven people have been arrested and charged with capital murder in the death of Fred Hardy McNeal.
Two people remain unaccounted for in wake of a major fire at a construction site near downtown Denver Wednesday afternoon that sent a plume of smoke 200 feet into the air and was so hot that it demolished 40 cars.
An investigation is underway after a man was fatally shot outside of a strip mall in Lawrence. The shooting occurred in the 4200 block of North Franklin Road just after 11:30 a.m. Police at the scene say 25-year-old Antonio Bertram was shot in the chest.
Yellowstone National Park officials say rangers arrested two people who were trying to chain themselves to a corral where wild bison are held. Park spokeswoman Vicki Regula said rangers made the arrests early Tuesday. She declined to identify them or say whether they were being detained or charged.
Greensboro police say two brothers a 10-year-old and an 18-year-old both died in a Tuesday afternoon crash. It happened around 4 p.m. near Bass Chapel Road and Regents Park Lane. Police say a 2013 Hyundai sedan, with two people inside, was traveling southbound on Bass Chapel Road, south of Regents Park Lane.
2 week ago
35-year-old motorcyclist suffered fatal injuries Wednesday morning after colliding with a car in Foley, Alabama .
A 27-year-old Boise man has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for unlawful possession of a firearm. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boise says Michael Jeffrey Sanders received the sentence of four years and 10 months on Tuesday in U.S. District Court.2 week ago
A 27-year-old Boise man has been sentenced to nearly five years in prison for unlawful possession of a firearm. The U.S. Attorney's Office in Boise says Michael Jeffrey Sanders received the sentence of four years and 10 months on Tuesday in U.S. District Court.
Smoke visible for miles due to construction fire near downtown Denver
Albuquerque police are at the scene of an accident at Central Avenue and Wyoming Boulevard. The intersection will remain closed while police investigate. Officers did not confirm if anyone is injured or dead.
Two students were arrested over a possible shooting plot at Astronaut High School in Titusville. 9 Investigates new security changes after leaders said they failed to identify the plot
Police say a Baltimore Field Office of the FBI employee and a woman were found dead outside of a home in a domestic related murder-suicide Wednesday morning in Crownsville, Maryland.
San Francisco Police shoot robbery suspect hiding in car trunk
2 week ago
Bibb County Sheriff's deputies are investigating a shooting incident that now leaves a man recovering with multiple gunshot wounds. Deputies say it happened just before 3 p.m. on Wednesday at a home in the 1100 block of Sunnydale Drive in east Macon.
Police investigating a bank robbery at the Bank of America in the 2700 block of Monument Road
Phoenix police officers were involved in a shooting Wednesday morning. It happened by Washington and 33rd Avenue. No officer was injured in the incident. A suspect is in custody and was taken to hospital.
Beaverton Police are asking for the public's help in locating a felony theft suspect, from an incident on Feb. 24, that they weren't able to locate.
Officers in Texarkana Texas are searching for a young man accused of aggravated robbery and asking for the public's help in locating him
One person was injured in an apartment fire Wednesday afternoon in Winston-Salem. The fire happened at 2057 Bethabara Road.
An adult and child have been sent to the hospital after a fire at an apartment. Fire crews say they received a call Wednesday morning, saying there was an apartment on fire at 4324 Union Avenue, and there was possibly a child still inside.
Birmingham firefighters are investigating a house fire on Jackson Street in the Inglenook community
A South Carolina truck driver was carrying 60,000 pounds of Busch beer on Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County, Florida, early Wednesday morning when the accident happened. According to WEAR, he traveled outside of his lane, causing the truck to overturn onto its passenger side, spilling his cargo.2 week ago
A South Carolina truck driver was carrying 60,000 pounds of Busch beer on Interstate 10 in Okaloosa County, Florida, early Wednesday morning when the accident happened. According to WEAR, he traveled outside of his lane, causing the truck to overturn onto its passenger side, spilling his cargo.
A Phoenix man faces kidnapping charges after he punched his ex-girlfriend in the face and forced her to stay in the car while he drove, according to police. Police documents allege John Williams, 26, met with his ex at a Starbucks Feb. 27 so she could give him back some belongings after they broke up in December.
Florida school shooting suspect Nikolas Cruz was formally charged Wednesday with 17 counts of first-degree murder, which could mean a death sentence if he is convicted. The indictment returned by a grand jury in Fort Lauderdale also charges the 19-year-old with 17 counts of attempted murder for the Valentine's Day massacre at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland in which 17 people died and more than a dozen others were wounded.
2 week ago
"The president does plan to make a trip to California next week," confirms @PressSec. (It'll be the first during his presidency.)
Charges have been filed in connection to the man at the center of incident at an Overland Park restaurant in which he allegedly spat on a 3-year-old child and called the child a racial slur. Terrence J. Skeen, 42, of Kansas City, Mo. has been charged with battery, disorderly conduct, and assault.
Des Moines police have released the name of a man killed early Wednesday morning in the Drake neighborhood. The man has been identified as 34-year-old Christopher John Latimer of Des Moines.
A 23-year-old man was shot Wednesday afternoon as he sat in a car in the Chatham neighborhood. The man was in the car about 12:20 p.m. when another male walked up to him in the 7600 block of South Champlain and fired shots, Chicago Police said.
2 week ago
On @USFWS looking at elephant trophies on a case-by-case basis, relaxing ban, @PressSec says @POTUS position remains the same.
2 week ago
"I've had conversations with the president about" the Stormy Daniels payments "and he has denied all of these allegations," says @PressSec, adding she won't comment further on any ongoing litigation.
Police say a zebra was killed when a number of the animals broke out of the grounds of an Arizona festival and were wandering on a nearby road. The accident on Wednesday morning occurred near the grounds of the Chandler Ostrich Festival in a suburb of Phoenix
2 week ago
FISA process "needs to be looked at closely and reformed," says @PressSec.
A man was arrested after he led police on a high-speed pursuit through two counties. It started Wednesday morning in Fresno near Belmont and Broadway. Police say an officer originally pulled the man over for speeding and failing to yield in downtown Fresno.
2 week ago
"The president wants to continue the conversation" on school safety by bringing in video game makers to the @WhiteHouse tomorrow, says @PressSec.
The driver of a vehicle who was wounded in an officer-involved shooting on Interstate 94 on Monday, March 5, allegedly tried to shoot a Minnesota State Patrol trooper in the head, before being shot herself in the arm, according to Clay County District Court documents filed in the case of a male passenger.
2 week ago
[email protected]: "@SenSchumer is blocking nominees indiscriminately. He forces time-wasting procedural votes on nominees and then eventually votes in support of them."
2 week ago
Asked about market volatility after Gary Cohn resignation announcement, @PressSec says @POTUS focused on the long-term and overall message of the markets is things better than with previous administration.
100 firefighters working the fire at 18th and Emerson in Denver. Unknown number of injuries reported - People rescued from building to the south of the fire
2 week ago
On possible EU retaliatory tariffs, @PressSec says "other countries have created unfair trade policies for decades."
2 week ago
In response to my question about possible sanctions against Russia for attempting to assassinate a double agent in UK, @PressSec says Salisbury nerve agent case is "under review" by US authorities.
A power outage in southwest Mandan this morning was caused by a public works operator striking a power line. The employee was emptying snow that was stuck in the lift box of the truck when it became tangled with the service lines.
2 week ago
"We're continuing conversations conversations" with China on trade issues, says @PressSec.
Bad crash on Route 8 North in Beacon Falls, CT - fire co says patient brought to hospital but expected to be ok
A fire has been reported on Brookville-Phillipsburg Road this afternoon. The fire was reported at a house in the 8000 block of Brookville-Phillipsburg.
A 62-year-old woman was killed in a Tuesday morning crash in north suburban Waukegan. The crash was reported about 9:15 a.m. at Pulaski Drive and Waukegan Road, according to Waukegan police.
Atlanta police are searching for a man accused in the rape of a 12-year-old girl. Shelton Brown is currently on Atlanta’s Most Wanted list for the November attacks in southeast Atlanta, police said.
2 week ago
On tariffs, @PressSec says "there are potential carve-outs for Mexico and Canada based on national security" and possibly other countries.
2 week ago
One person died and another was critically injured in a head-on crash that closed a section of road for several hours Wednesday, police said. Police responded to a report of a crash near 1860 South and Colorado Avenue shortly after 11:10 a.m., according to Provo Police Sgt. Nisha King.
A 36-year-old man has been charged after leading police on two separate chases Monday through Forest Lake, Minnesota. Jesse Lee Satter, a known fugitive, was charged with fleeing a peace officer in a motor vehicle, criminal vehicular operation and theft of a motor vehicle.
Attempted murder and arson suspect from Virginia arrested in Alexander county after a police chase involving a sheriff deputy. The suspect turned down a dead end road.
Suspect in custody; Restaurant owner killed in Hurtsboro shooting
Accident expert trying to determine what caused deadly crash that killed one in blue car today on WV94
A 23-year-old Warwick man is accused of abusing his 2-month-old son. olice said Alexander Walsh was charged with three counts of first-degree child abuse and one count of second-degree child abuse. He was also charged with an unrelated burglary count.
Suspect in custody; restaurant owner shot and killed, 3 others injured in Hurtsboro, Ala.
2 week ago
Police are investigating a three-car collision that badly injured a driver in Meridian Monday morning. The wreck happened at about 8:40 a.m. on Chinden Boulevard just east of Meridian Road. One of the vehicles' drivers remains in serious condition, police say.
A report of shots fired in East Anchorage late Tuesday evening is under investigation by Anchorage police, after residents say homes and cars were struck by the gunfire. The gunfire, near the 5900 block of East 6th Avenue off Boniface Parkway, was first reported to police at about 11 p.m. according to APD spokesman MJ Thim. Three homes were struck, but no injuries were reported.
2 week ago
[email protected]: "This is our time. This is our moment. Go get DACA. Go push those Democrats."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "When our people are free to live their lives and to follow their hearts, there is nothing, nothing at all, that we cannot achieve."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "After years of rebuilding other countries - and we have built a lot of countries - it's time to start building our country again."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "We're trying to have a DACA victory for everybody, by the way, and @TheDemocrats are nowhere to be found."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "Over 4 million workers have already received tax cut bonuses and the number continues to grow every single day."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "We've created nearly 3 million jobs since the election Today we have more Hispanic Americans working than ever before in our history, setting records."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "The American dream is back and stronger than ever."
2 week ago
[email protected]: "The Latino business community - and you folks are good business-people, I know that. I know that for a fact. I've had to compete against you for a long time. In fact I said, 'I want to get out of that. I want to be president. It's easier."
A person is dead after a two-car crash in the east metro. Oklahoma City fire crews say the crash happened around 8:30 a.m. Tuesday near the intersection of Wilshire and Westminster. Officials confirm a woman inside one of the vehicles was ejected
Rhode Island State Police arrested a brother and sister in connection to animal cruelty involving pit bulls. 26-year-old Julie McDougall, of Providence is being charged with one count of Felony Cruelty to Animals and two counts of Misdemeanor Cruelty to Animals. 18-year-old Paul Thibeau, of Roslindale, is being charged with one count felony of cruelty to animals.
Three men were shot inside a Chinese takeout restaurant in West Philadelphia. It happened around 1 a.m. Wednesday on the 200 block of South 60th Street. Detectives say the gunman got out of a car, opened fire, jumped back into the car and sped away
2 week ago
Dayton Police say a report of a person with a gun at Belmont High School was unfounded. Police say they’ve cleared Belmont High School after receiving reports of the threat Wednesday morning. Several units arrived at the school just after 10 a.m. Wednesday.
2 week ago
Charlo School District said Wednesday morning it has a received a bomb threat at the school. At approximately 6:45 a.m., school officials said the head custodian found a note containing a bomb threat against the school, officials immediately called local authorities to report the threat.
Albuquerque police will be responding to an accident with injuries at San Pedro and Alameda
Nevada Highway Patrol is investigating a fatal crash. It was reported on Wednesday morning on the U.S. 95 at Rainbow Boulevard. Investigators say a vehicle rolled over and one person is dead.
2 week ago
[email protected]: The U.S. is acting swiftly on Intellectual Property theft. We cannot allow this to happen as it has for many years.
A 21-year-old man accused of leading authorities on a pursuit from Salem to Wilsonville was arrested Tuesday night. Oregon State Police were called around 8:30 p.m. about a pickup truck that was reportedly speeding and passing other cars on the Interstate 5 shoulder near Salem.
A child injured in a two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning has died, according to a Nebraska Medicine spokesperson. The crash happened around 5:15 a.m. on Interstate 80 eastbound near 72nd Street2 week ago
A child injured in a two-vehicle crash Tuesday morning has died, according to a Nebraska Medicine spokesperson. The crash happened around 5:15 a.m. on Interstate 80 eastbound near 72nd Street
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