A man either fell or jumped to his death on Lower Wacker Driver early Wednesday in the Loop area, authorities said. The man, 26, was found on a ramp in the 300 block of East Lower Wacker Drive about 12:45 a.m. police said.

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19 February 2018
Video: Cell phone footage shows police officers apprehending Parkland, Florida, high school shooting suspect4 day ago
Video: Cell phone footage shows police officers apprehending Parkland, Florida, high school shooting suspect
"All I could hear was him yelling, 'There's a shooting at school mom, there's a shooting at school,'" one Florida mother recalls
@VP: Our hearts break for all the victims and families affected by today's terrible school shooting in Broward County, FL. These students, teachers, administrators, and families will all remain in our prayers.
[email protected]: "If you pray, say a little prayer" for the students in Broward County FL
4 day ago
Sen Dianne Feinstein: Another senseless tragedy at an American school. My heart is with the victims and their families. When will we wake up? When will we take action to prevent these shootings from occurring? These tragedies are the new normal, and that should make all of us sick.
At least 7 people are dead and 14 more injured after Florida school shooting, according to the sheriff's office.4 day ago
At least 7 people are dead and 14 more injured after Florida school shooting, according to the sheriff's office.
Broward County Sheriff: "We have multiple casualtiesthere are folks that have lost their lives."
Sheriff says suspect in Florida shooting attended school at one point, but was not currently enrolled.
It's just catastrophic, Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says of shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. There really are no words.4 day ago
"It's just catastrophic," Broward County Sheriff Scott Israel says of shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. "There really are no words."
The Danville Police Department arrested an 18-year-old male after reports of shots fired near Johnson Elementary School. Police say the shots were not directed at the school or students of the school. No injuries have been reported.
Broward County sheriff gives update on Florida school shooting: "Any parent who is looking for their child, please go immediately to the Marriott."
[email protected] speaking live on wcvb: doesn't know how many people have lost their lives, says it's still a very fluid situation. The buildings on campus are not safe to be cleared.
Sheriff: Multiple SWAT teams are working to clear Florida high school after "horrific, homicidal, detestable act"
4 day ago
Bernie Sanders: Maybe, just maybe, after 18 school shootings in America in just 43 days of 2018 the Congress might want to consider common-sense gun safety legislation and save innocent lives.
4 day ago
Bernie Sanders: Another horrific shooting. Another unspeakable horror. My thoughts are with everyone at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School after this terrible day.
Broward Health spokeswoman tells me they be releasing the number of victims at both hospitals (Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North Hospital), and possibly conditions very soon.
Sen. Doug Jones on White House infrastructure plan: "I'm all for a strong infrastructure plan (but it) takes money away from other important initiatives like the Highway Trust Fund and cuts funding for rural water systems."
Witness to Florida school shooting: "I'm okay, I'm with my mom. We're safeI'm blessed to be alive."
Student at Douglas HS in Parkland, FL says the shooter's Instagram page is "sick" and shows many pics of him showing off weapons. Told ABC News.
[email protected] Superintendent Robert Runcie: "It's a horrific situation. It's just a horrible day for us."
"My heart just aches for everyone." - Mother of student at high school in Parkland FL as she's reunited with her son after mass shooting.
Rep. Mike Coffman, R-Colo., an Army and Marine Corps veteran and member of the House Committee on Veterans' Affairs, said the findings highlighted the type of "corruption and abuses" that Congress has been attempting to expel from the agency.
Dramatic video shows children taking cover as gunman opens fire at Florida high school
Florida HS shooting suspect currently being taken to local hospital by ambulance
"There was a dead guy on the floor next to me. The shooting went on for 2-3 minutes." - student
Broward Sheriff: Correction: Parents and loved ones, please wait to go to the parent staging area until everything is clear stonemanshooting.
Bipartisan amendment, led by Sen. Collins, reallocates diversity lottery, gives $25b for wall + reallocates diversity lottery visas.
@MickMulvaneyOMB: "We've not accounted for it in this year's budget simply because it's come up at the last minute."
'Many' dead, at least 20 injured in shooting incident at Stoneman Douglas High in Broward
Military parade envisioned by @POTUS could cost $10 million to $30 million, according to @MickMulvaneyOMB.
4 day ago
@ChuckGrassley: Incensed by Sessions letter An attempt to undermine Grassley/Durbin/Lee BIPARTISAN criminal justice reforms. This bill deserves thoughtful consideration b4 my cmte. AGs execute laws CONGRESS WRITES THEM!
"We are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else," said @ChrisMurphyCT on the Senate floor as word came in of the school shooting in Florida.
We are responsible for a level of mass atrocity that happens in this country with zero parallel anywhere else, said @ChrisMurphyCT on the Senate floor as word came in of the school shooting in Florida.
@browardsheriff: So far we have at least 14 victims. Victims have been and continue to be transported to Broward Health Medical Center and Broward Health North hospital.
Confirmed arrest of suspect.
"A number of fatalities," @SenBillNelson says on @CNN.
@SAPresident quits after nine scandal-plagued years in office.
Scene here where there's just been word from @PressSec that the daily briefing, which had already been delayed several times, is canceled.
[email protected]: "The Governor, the Secretary, and other Administration officials will continue to keep the President updated."
[email protected]: "The President has spoken with Governor Scott of Florida and offered federal assistance if needed. Department of Homeland Security Secretary Nielsen also spoke with Governor Scott as well as state and local officials."
@NancyPelosi: Devastating news out of Parkland, Florida. I'm grateful for our brave first responders and officials on the scene. We'll continue to closely monitor.
To honor Valentine's Day, First Lady Melania Trump arrived at Children's Inn at NIH, a non profit residence for seriously-ill children participating in clinical trials around 3:10 in Bethesda.
Students exiting amid reports of shooting at Florida high school.
Pres Trump made his statement on domestic violence in response to these press pool questions at end of Oval Office photo op on Oppty Zones: Q: Mr. President, why have you not spoken out against domestic violence? Q: Do you believe the women, Mr. President?
The EPA originally said Pruitt was flying first class because of security concerns
Aerial footage above Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School, where authorities are responding to report of shooting, shows at least one person being carried out on stretcher
5 day ago
President Trump: "I am totally opposed to domestic violence. And everybody here knows that. I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind. Everyone knows that. And it almost wouldn't even have to be said, so you hear it, but you all know it."
For the third time today the @WhiteHouse on-camera press briefing has been delayed. New start time is 16:00 EST. (21:00 GMT)
Schumer won't say if he supports bipartisan immigration amendment, says he's been "encouraging" group to continue discussions
Adam Schiff: "There is already, in my view, ample evidence in the public domain on the issue of collusion if you're willing to see it."
[email protected] responding to questions shouted during pool spray: "I am totally opposed to domestic violence of any kind everyone knows that and it almost wouldn't even have to be said."
Sen. Cotton: "The Senate is indeed in a quorum call"
GOP lawmaker calls for VA Secretary Shulkin to resign after report on 2017 Europe trip
Sen. Tammy Duckworth wants to change Senate rules to make motherhood easier
Utah GOP chair: "He's keeping out candidates that I think would be a better fit for Utah because, let's face it, Mitt Romney doesn't live here, his kids weren't born here, he doesn't shop here." Romney is expected to make his announcement Thursday.
Vice President Mike Pence says he ignored Kim Jong Un's sister at the Winter Olympics: "I didn't believe it was proper for the United States of America to give any countenance" to "the leader of the propaganda effort"
Sen. Jeanne Shaheen says she thinks the House Oversight Committee investigation into the White House's handling of Rob Porter's employment is "helpful"
6 Democratic senators want the complete list of White House staffers working without full security clearance.
This afternoon @POTUS "will host a diverse group of local elected officials, entrepreneurs, and investors to discuss how the 'Opportunity Zones' designation in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act will spur investment and job growth in distressed communities," according to @WhiteHouse.
Start time for today's @WhiteHouse media briefing has been pushed back twice. The new time is 15:00 EST (20:00 GMT).
Rep. Matt Gaetz tells he'll be joining Trump aboard Air Force One for his trip to Florida on Friday.
Rep. Chris Stewart agrees with the House Oversight Committee decision to launch an investigation into the White House's handling of Rob Porter's employment: "There's actual national security implications for this"
Bernie Sanders: Congratulations to gold-medalist @chloekimsnow, a first-generation American. Her father emigrated from South Korea to America in 1982 and worked his way up to an engineering job which he left to support her ambitions.
Pence to @mikeallen on Porter: "This administration has no tolerance for domestic violence, nor should any American. As I said, and as the White House has said, I think the White House could have handled this better and I still feel that way."
[email protected]: "Our country's disrespect of Native people didn't start with President Trump. It started long before President Washington ever took office."
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: "Clearly, we should all be condemning domestic violence"
On the lighter side, asked by @mikeallen about his Pence Family's new dog, Harley, @VP said he wanted a motorcycle for Father's Day, but was given a puppy instead, "so we named him Harley.
A third White House official—George David Banks, a senior official on the National Economic Council—resigned on Tuesday after being informed that he would not receive a permanent security clearance, Politico reports.
Bernie Sanders: You can't get 80 percent of the American people to agree on what type of ice cream is best, and yet you have an even larger majority who agree on giving Dreamers protection and a path towards citizenship.
Even if there are US-DPRK talks, sanctions on Pyongyang won't be lifted until North Korea denuclearizes, @VP tells @axios forum.
On WH Chief of Staff Kelly's handling of the Rob Porter matter, @VP says he and Pres Trump have "great confidence in this good man." Tells @mikeallen that Kelly has done a "remarkable job," and looks forward to work with him "for many, many months to come."
Vice President Mike Pence on the abuse allegations against Rob Porter: "I think the White House could have handled this better"
Reps. Gallego, Lieu, and Beyer want answers from FBI Director Wray on the W.H. security clearance approval process, over concerns potentially dozens of senior officials who lack permanent clearance may be accessing highly classified materials they're not authorized to handle.
Bernie Sanders: As a result of Trump's decision to revoke DACA, 122 people every day are losing their legal status. We have a moral responsibility today to stand up for the Dreamers and their families.
"This Administration has no tolerance for domestic violence," says VP Pence. But says of the Rob Porter case, "I think the White House could have handled this better." Any more he has to say on the matter, he says he'll share with the president privately.
Bernie Sanders: I do not want to see what the history books will say about this Congress if we allow 800,000 Dreamers to be deported. It would be an indelible moral stain on our country if we fail to act.
@NancyPelosi: Thankful to @BennieGThompson and @RepBrady for their leadership of the Election Security Task Force. Today they release the task force's recommendations to protect America's elections in the years to come.
There was also a phone call today between @POTUS and the president of Vietnam
Sen Gardner (R-*CO*) + Bennet (D-CO) just filed their own bipartisan immigration plan (note themes here): 10-12 year DACA path to citizenship, $25 b for border security, Permanent E-verify, DOES NOT limit family migration for anyone, including DACA recips.
Elizabeth Warren got a standing ovation before and after remarks to the National Congress of American Indians. "We've got your back!" the group's president yelled after her.
Leahy: "President Trump claims he will treat Dreamers with "great heart." If that is true, he will certainly sign our bipartisan compromise that emerges. Let's get to work. The future of Dreamers – and the fate of the American Dream itself – lies in our hands."
Afghan Ambassador to U.S. @hmohib says Taliban are seeking "a face saving truce" by writing letter to American people
US Secretary of Defence Mattis meets with NATO Alliance Ministers of Defense during the NATO Defense Ministerial in Brussels, Belgium
Inspector general report: VA Secretary Shulkin improperly accepted Wimbledon tickets and likely wrongly used taxpayer money to cover his wife's airfare for an 11-day European trip.
AP Sources: Former GOP presidential candidate Mitt Romney plans to announce Utah Senate campaign Thursday.
Shooting at Fort Meade does not appear to be linked to terrorism - federal official
Several hospitalized after incident near National Security Agency, no injuries appear to be from gunfire - NSA statement
A person is holding multiple people hostage in a church, in Amarillo, TX.
House Oversight Committee says it "is investigating the policies and processes by which interim security clearances are investigated and adjudicated within the Executive Branch" in letter to Chief of Staff Kelly.
A man is facing charges for allegedly stabbing the driver of a pickup truck in a dispute over driving directions. According to police, the incident happened Monday along State Route 22/30 in Robinson Township, Washington County around 11:40 p.m.
After phone call with @POTUS, Japan PM @AbeShinzo tells reporters: "We thoroughly discussed what we should do from to make the denuclearization of North Korea a reality."
Greenville native and PGA golfer Bill Haas is recovering after a deadly crash in Los Angeles, California Tuesday night. Haas was a passenger in a Ferrari that lost control and hit an SUV driven by actor Luke Wilson, Los Angeles police said. Haas was taken to the hospital. A family member said Hass is OK.
At approximately 9:18 p.m. Tuesday, Baltimore Police were dispatched to the 6100 block of Frankford Avenue to investigate a reported shooting. At the scene, officers found a 56-year-old male suffering from multiple gunshot wounds
Start of Security Council session on Syria
The New Orleans Police Department obtained an arrest warrant for Eddie Dingle, 18, in connection with a homicide that occurred on Mardi Gras in the 2400 block of St. Charles Ave. NOPD officers heard gunshots ring out around 3:45 p.m. while they were working along the St. Charles Ave. parade route. The officers rushed over to the opposite side of the parade route to investigate, where they observed the victim suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, officers said
The German Chamber of Commerce says that United States import tariffs on steel could trigger a trade war with major trading partners.
A Michigan man charged with animal cruelty after about 70 cows were found dead on his properties is awaiting sentencing after reaching a plea agreement. The Ann Arbor News reports that 61-year-old Keith E. Huck Jr. of Livingston County's Cohoctah Township is scheduled to return to court on March 12 to learn his punishment. He faces up to 93 days in jail.
The Pasco Police Department is investigating a homicide in the 200 block of North 6th Ave. Police say an adult male was involved in an altercation and died of his injuries
The Vallejo Police Department is investigating an officer-involved shooting that left one person dead Tuesday evening. According to the police department, around 7:40 p.m. an officer tried to stop someone in the area of Marin Street and Florida Street
A man was arrested after slamming into parked a Placer County sheriff’s SUV Sunday night, the Placer County Sheriff’s Office said. A sergeant was at the Horseshoe Bar Road substation when he heard a very loud crash at about 7:30 p.m. When he went outside, he found a Subaru Impreza had plowed into his vehicle and moved it by around 6 feet.
Memphis police are investigating after a multi-vehicle accident on E. Holmes near Crumpler Road
President Trump calls on Senate to support Grassley immigration bill
A Conway woman was arrested Tuesday on accusations that she had used drugs in front of a 1-year-old girl and not fed the infan
A Johnston man has been given a citation by Rhode Island State Police after a tractor-trailer rollover accident on I-95 North. Police say 43-year-old Artemio Cortez lost control of the tractor-trailer, which was carrying scrap metal, while heading toward Route 6 West, hit the guardrail and rolled over.
Two Centerville school buses were involved in a crash in the area of Sheehan Road and Ohio 48 this morning. Officers said no children were on the buses when the crash occurred.
Police have blocked off a neighborhood on Washington and Comstock while they try to capture this bull.
A homicide investigation is underway after a woman was found dead in a downtown Denver home Wednesday morning. Denver police said they responded to a home in the 1500 block of Stout Street after receiving a request for a welfare check. Officers found an adult female dead inside the home, police said.
5 day ago
In long Afghan war, U.S. Army tries new way to deploy trainers
Police in New Jersey have identified the body of a woman found in the Hackensack River over the weekend. Bogota Police Detective Victor Negron says 26-year-old Sylvia Lubak was reported missing in December. Hackensack police say they identified the body as Lubak Tuesday after it was found Sunday morning in the Hackensack River.
The man accused of beating and nearly killing a 17-year-old Cibola High School student is expected in court today. Justin Hansen’s trial is set to begin in April, but today his attorneys will go before a judge requesting a change of venue. They believe Hansen will not receive a fair trial here in Albuquerque due to the national attention this case has received.
US Secretary of Defence Mattis meets with defense leaders at NATO Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium
Consumer prices in the US are up 0.5% higher than market expectations
A man died Tuesday after he fell from a ridge on Mount Hood when the group he was with encountered treacherous conditions. Six other climbers were rescued. The man was climbing Oregon's tallest peak with three other climbers when he fell 700 feet to 1,000 feet shortly before 10:30 a.m. in the Hogsback area of the mountain, according to the Clackamas County Sheriff’s Office. That area is near the summit.
A car went into a building Mt. Auburn Wednesday morning. The driver lost control on Vine Street near Mulberry at about 7 a.m. Police have not said what led up to the crash.
Police say a teenager used a pellet gun to shoot out the back window of a school bus full of children. No injuries were reported in the shooting as students were being dropped off after school on Tuesday in Saginaw.
Two people were displaced Feb. 13, 2018 after a house caught fire on Watergate Lane in Virginia Beach
Tillerson says U.S. Mideast peace plan 'fairly well advanced'
Trump briefed on shooting at NSA: White House
The National Security Agency says there are no ongoing security concerns after a possible shooting outside of NSA headquarters in Maryland
Suspect held, black SUV stopped at barrier after shooting outside National Security Agency
$5.2b included for the Afghan forces in the 2019 US army defense budget
A school bus that had been reported stolen was found in a field with one man inside. Deputies were called to the 100 block of Park Avenue in Charlotte when a Northeast District school bus was stolen around 5p.m. on Tuesday, February 13th. According to a statement from the Clinton County Sheriff’s Department, the caller said the bus had been driven away westward on Park Avenue.
Three people shot and wounded, one person in custody in reported shooting near NSA headquarters in Maryland - local media
Three people shot and wounded, one person in custody in reported shooting near NSA headquarters in Maryland - local media
Photo: shooting outside the NSA headquarters in Fort Meade, Maryland. There appears to be an SUV with bullet holes in the windshield near the entrance to the NSA
At least 3 injured after Driver rams barricade at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade in Maryland; shots have been fired5 day ago
At least 3 injured after Driver rams barricade at NSA headquarters at Fort Meade in Maryland; shots have been fired
Omaha Police have identified a pedestrian critically injured in a traffic accident early Wednesday morning as Antwan Broaden, 47, of Omaha. Broaden was hit by an SUV driven by Carlos Tellez-Sanchez, 19, of Omaha, near 107th and Q streets. It happened shortly before 1 a.m.
Kansas City Power and Light crews worked overnight to repair a wire dangling from a power pole. Police say around 2:45 a.m. Wednesday a driver crashed into the power pole near 27th and Van Brunt but then took off.
A carjacking on the Near North Side led to a deadly crash. The carjacking happened around 10:30 p.m. Tuesday in the 200 block of West Walton. Surveillance video shows the 29-year-old suspect approaching a 31-year-old taxi driver, forcing him out out of his vehicle, and then taking off.
Police are investigating the report of a possible multiple shooting at Fort Meade in Anne Arundel County. The report of the shooting was said to have happened near a visitors gate at the U.S. military base around 7:15 a.m. Wednesday. The investigation is centering around the National Security Agency building along Canine Road
One person was sent to hospital after being shot by Denver Police Department officers in the University Hills neighborhood late Tuesday night. Officers responded to a report of a domestic disturbance in the 2200 block of S. Clermont St. around 10 p.m.
West Allis neighborhood wakes up to gunfire, bullets hit several parked cars 57th/Greenfield
Exactly one year after the disappearance of Abby Williams and Libby German, Indiana State Police held a press conference over their murders. ISP Superintendent Doug Carter spoke Tuesday from the Delphi Historic Trails, where the Delphi teens were last seen.
Shots fired outside the National Security Agency headquarters in Maryland; reports of multiple victims
Police are in the woods next to apartments and a school where they told Channel 2 Action News someone found a body. Police said the incident happened around 3 a.m. Wednesday on the 3700 block of M.L.K. Jr. Drive Southwest near Atlanta Heights Charter School
Shooting reported outside a gate at the National Security Agency in Fort Meade, MD. Three people wounded. Officer Also hurt, according to reports.
Elm Grove police arrested a 20-year-old man after he allegedly raped a UW-Milwaukee student last fall in the house he shares with his parents. According to the criminal complaint, Matthew Ralfs met the victim at an off-campus party near UWM. They then became friends on Snapchat.
A man was shot four times Tuesday afternoon in the Wentworth Gardens neighborhood on the South Side. The 18-year-old man was shot about 1:38 p.m. in the 3800 block of South Princeton Avenue, Chicago Police said.
A person was shot Tuesday night in Winston-Salem after gunfire was exchanged during a burglary at an apartment complex. Winston-Salem police said they responded to the 5100 block of Ambercrest Drive on a report of a shooting at 7:48 p.m.
A woman was rescued by firefighters after a fire broke out inside a New Port Richey home. Pasco County firefighters responded to the home at 6973 Alken Circle and noticed heavy smoke was visible.
A man has resigned his position on the Hogansville Police force after officers found marijuana in his patrol vehicle as well as other drugs inside his home. Daniel-Cameron William Kemp resigned his position on February 8 after being caught five days earlier.
Council Bluffs police identified a suspect wanted for dragging an officer nearly 30 feet with an SUV Tuesday morning. Cody Doss, 24, of Council Bluffs, was already wanted on warrants before the incident, police said. Doss tried to drive away from an officer near 36th and Avenue G, when the officer's hand became stuck in the door, police said.
At least three people shot near NSA campus, - @JimWBALTraffic reports.
Riviera man accused of raping teen girls
Shooting reported at the W Express gas station located at Arliss St and Piney Branch Rd in SilverSpring, Reported at 6:17am. At least one victim transported
A Charlotte restaurant is accused of serving a man 17 shots of liquor before the man crashed his vehicle on the I-485 flyover bridge and plunged 70 feet onto I-77 in September. Investigators are saying that 48-year-old Robert Kite consumed the shots within four hours, at the Wild Wing Café on Ayrsley Town Boulevard, which is a state violation
A man was injured in a shooting Tuesday night in Norfolk. Norfolk police say officers were called to Kimball Terrace in the Grandy Village neighborhood — around 8:45 p.m. The man was taken to Sentara Norfolk General Hospital where he is expected to be OK
Meridian Police say they arrested a Mountain View High School teacher today after they gathered evidence of a sexual relationship between a teacher and a student. Police say 26-year-old Rebecca E. Mason-Cales of Boise was arrested for sexual battery of a minor.
One man was killed and two other men were wounded in a shooting outside Salt Lake City on Tuesday, and police said were looking for whoever carried out the attack. The shooting occurred in a residential neighborhood of West Valley City, West Valley City police said in a statement on Twitter. No further information of the victims was provided.
A vehicle pursuit in Shelby County ended in a crash Tuesday afternoon. It started when Pelham Police officers spotted what appeared to be a stolen vehicle reported out of Alabaster about 4:00pm.
Two men, including an Indiana conservation officer, died in an ice fishing accident at a Madison County campground Tuesday. An Indiana DNR official confirmed that two men were pulled from the waters at Camp Kikthawenund, located on West County Road 500 North, after police were called to the scene by a family member who became concerned when the two men hadn’t returned after their afternoon fishing trip.
The oldest bar in Montgomery County was destroyed Wednesday in a major fire, according to authorities. Hank Dietle’s Tavern had served the area since 1950 in a building that dated back to 1916. But the tavern almost burned to the ground after an early morning fire that the Montgomery County Fire Department says did about $500,000 worth of damage.
Authorities say two people are dead after a shooting at the L'Oreal USA Maybelline plant in North Little Rock early Tuesday morning. North Little Rock police say the incident occurred around 3:00 a.m. in the 11500 block of Maybelline Road.
Tulsa police say an overnight robbery at the Wing Stop near 21st and Yale could be related to recent robberies at a Mazzios and Taco Bueno. Two men came in to the stores with guns, demanded money and got away each time
A woman who led police on a chase told arresting officers that she was Mother Mary en route to pick up Baby Jesus and had permission from God to speed. Fox affiliate WDRB-TV cites an arrest report saying a Kentucky trooper attempted to pull over 52-year-old Connie Allen, of Tennessee, on Saturday, but she ignored him. A high-speed chase ensued.
One person is dead and another was seriously hurt during a late-night shooting at a home on the city's near Southeast Side, San Antonio police said Wednesday. The shooting was reported just before midnight in the 300 block of Regina Street, located not far from South Hackberry Street.
A man is in custody Tuesday night after allegedly stabbing an employee inside the Mi Ranchito Mexican restaurant in Olathe, police say. Staff at the Mi Ranchito on 119th Street told FOX 4's Dave D'Marko that they believe the suspect was a former employee's husband.
5 day ago
A house fire is under investigation in Ogden after a family lost their home early Tuesday morning. Ogden fire crews were called to the fire at 518 North St. just after 1 a.m.
A woman found dead morning in the West Side Lawndale neighborhood was strangled, an autopsy Tuesday found. Officers responded about 11:44 a.m. to the 1500 block of South Kolin Avenue and found the woman, 26-year-old Danisha Thompson, unresponsive inside a home, according to Chicago Police and the Cook County Medical Examiner’s Office. Officers saw signs of a struggle
Flight 1175 from California was able to touch down safely in Honolulu on Tuesday afternoon, but only after the pilots sent out a distress call for the emergency services to be ready to meet it on the ground.
The Raytown Police Department is investigating a shooting that injured at 3-year-old child Tuesday afternoon. Police said that incident happened around 1:30 p.m. Detectives were first called after a child showed up with a gunshot wound at a local hospital. Detectives determined the incident happened in the 6300 block of Ash Street in Raytown.
Portsmouth Police need your help finding a missing man who has Alzheimer’s disease. Detectives say 83-year-old Lenwood Green was last seen Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. at the Walgreens Pharmacy on 600 Frederick Blvd. Green left his home in the 2600 block of Ash Street driving a blue 2012 Hyundai Santa Fe with the Virginia license plate VVT-2273. No one has heard from him since
Duncanville police are looking for the gunman following a double shooting outside of this local restaurant
5 day ago
Humble police say one of their officers was shot in the chest during a foot pursuit with a man who is accused of robbing a home earlier in the evening. The shooting happened late Tuesday northeast of Houston.
A man either fell or jumped to his death on Lower Wacker Driver early Wednesday in the Loop area, authorities said. The man, 26, was found on a ramp in the 300 block of East Lower Wacker Drive about 12:45 a.m. police said.
A Cumberland County man has been arrested for the beating and shaking death of his infant son. Brian L. Wagner, 30, of Newville, is charged with criminal homicide, aggravated assault, and endangering the welfare of children
One person is shot at the L'Oreal Maybellline Company in North Little Rock. That's according to the North Little Rock Police Department. Right now we do not know if the person was shot inside the plant or in the parking lot.
Five people were shot, two fatally, in the Lower Ninth Ward on Mardi Gras night. One victim died on the scene; another died at the hospital. Police said both were male. The shootings occurred just after 8 p.m. in the 5400 block of Andry and involved more than one suspect. The victims then drove to the the LA Xpress gas station in the 5100 block of St. Claude Avenue.
One person was found shot in the parking lot of a Steak ‘n Shake in Tampa, and deputies are investigating who pulled the trigger. Early Wednesday morning, a ‘Shotspotter,’ technology which detects gunshots, alerted the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office of a possible shooting north of Fowler Avenue. However, deputies couldn’t find any evidence of a shooting at the time, officials say.
A Boston murder suspect is in custody after an hours-long stand-off in Walpole, Massachusetts Tuesday night. Authorities said Boston Police had been watching Kyle Williams, 32, because they said he’s a suspect in a homicide there.
Traffic homicide investigation in Orlando at Church Street and S OBT. People in south car both killed. Driver and passenger from west bound car in hospital
Authorities in Jefferson Davis County are conducting a murder investigation after a woman was found dead over the weekend. Coroner Jimmy Slater said Edna Brister was found dead behind her home on Highway 13 north of Prentiss on Sunday evening. The death is considered a murder, due to preliminary findings, according to Tim Culpepper of the Jefferson Davis County Sheriff's Dept.
Two men have been arrested in connection with a property theft case, and one man is still on the run, according to Sheriff Todd Entrekin. The three men are suspected of stealing a yellow Can Am four-wheeler and wood splitter from a home on Lake Mary Louise Road in Gadsden, authorities said.
Tuscaloosa police responded to a report of a burglary at a business in the 1000 block of NE McFarland Boulevard Sunday. Officers found one of the glass doors had been shattered, according to the police report. Security cameras captured a man entering the business and taking several boxes of cigarettes, authorities said.
A woman who Mendocino County authorities said confronted officers with a handgun Tuesday morning after crashing a stolen sports car in a high-speed chase was shot dead by law enforcement. The woman, who has not been identified, was suspected of stealing a Chevrolet Camaro during an armed robbery around 9:25 a.m. at Thurston Auto Plaza in Ukiah, the Sheriff’s Office said in a statement. She then fled on Highway 101 traveling north at high speeds.
A man in his 30s was shot and killed on the 200 block of West New York Avenue, near the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino, according to Metro Police. Police said it happened at or near the apartments there, and was reported at 7:50 p.m. The man suffered gunshot wounds to the chest, and neighbors reported seven or eight shots fired.
Midwest City Assistant Fire Chief Reece Morrison died Tuesday after an apparent heart attack, the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association said. "It is with great sadness that we must report the passing of Midwest City Assistant Fire Chief Reece Morrison," the Oklahoma State Firefighters Association posted to Facebook.
The NOPD is responding to a shooting along the Uptown Parade route. A little before 11:00 tonight, the NOPD announced that the victim had died. The man was shot near Second Street and St. Charles Avenue, according to the NOPD. It was the second Mardi Gras day shooting case for the NOPD.
A man is in extremely critical condition after a shooting in West Memphis, according to West Memphis Police Department. The shooting happened in the 3900 block of Park Plaza at an apartment complex. Police said the victim was hospitalized at Regional Medical Center.
Body found in woods behind Atlanta Heights Charter School on MLK Jr Dr SW
Maine native killed in New Mexico gas station robbery, shooting
Authorities have released the name of a man who was murdered in the Russell neighborhood. The victim was 44-year-old Wayne Robertson, according to Deputy Coroner Michael Haag. Robertson was found dead early Sunday morning on Elliott Avenue, near South 24th Street.
A woman was killed in a hit-and-run in Spring. According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened around 7:45 p.m. in the 17200 block of Red Oak Drive.5 day ago
A woman was killed in a hit-and-run in Spring. According to the Harris County Sheriff's Office, the incident happened around 7:45 p.m. in the 17200 block of Red Oak Drive.
Police are investigating a homicide Tuesday after a man died from injuries sustained at a home in Independence, police say. Independence Police spokesman John Syme said officers were called at 5:30 a.m. Tuesday to the 800 block of South Huttig Avenue for a reported aggravated assault.
The New Orleans Police Department was investigating the shooting deaths of two men Tuesday night just a couple of miles from Mardi Gras activities earlier in the day. Police spokeswoman Ambria Washington said Tuesday night that five people were shot before driving to a gas station in the 5100 block of St. Claude Avenue in the Lower 9th Ward.
US Secretary of Defence Mattis joins his 28 NATO counterparts and Secretary General @jensstoltenberg for DefMin on February 14-15
Flagstaff police released body-camera footage from a police shooting Friday night that left a 78-year-old man dead. Police identified Flagstaff resident John Hamilton as the man who allegedly brandished a gun at officers and refused to drop the weapon after several minutes of instruction by officers on scene
A rollover crash in Pacific Palisades Tuesday night left one person dead and two injured, including pro golfer Bill Haas, according to the Los Angeles County Fire Department. The crash involved a Ferrari and a BMW in the 500 block of North Chautauqua Boulevard and was reported at about 6:30 p.m., fire officials said. The driver of the Ferrari was pronounced dead at the scene while two others were taken to a nearby hospital in serious condition.
A teenager charged with killing his father at their home and a first-grader on a school playground said he kissed his bunny Floppy and three dogs goodbye after shooting his father and then headed to the school to resume shooting, according to the boy's videotaped statement played in court Monday.
They called 25-year-old Detroit Police Officer Darren Weathers Lucky. On Tuesday, with his young daughter in town from Atlanta, Weathers died after a violent crash on Michigan Avenue near Clark during a police training exercise.
A man with a violent past is arrested over the weekend. Rahshaan Sardis, 34, is accused of shooting and killing the mother and father of three children. The couple was shot in their northeast Oklahoma City home Saturday night
A man who had barricaded himself in a police vehicle and fired a shot surrendered to police early Wednesday, authorities said. At around 9:15 p.m., officers were called by mental health officials to an addiction-recovery home to assist with a case of a man who was showing signs of psychosis, according to Lt. Carl Whitney, spokesman for the Garden Grove Police Department.
Authorities say a woman has been arrested in connection to homicide in Alabama last month. The Jefferson County Sheriff's Office told WBMA-TV on Tuesday that 30-year-old Ebonee Sade Russell Malone is charged with capital murder in the shooting death of Laronald McDaniel. Deputies found the 21-year-old McDaniel with multiple gunshot wounds on Jan. 18.
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[email protected]: "It is the dream of a nation where every citizen, regardless of color, religion, or background, can grow up to succeed and to thrive. A nation where every family is safe, where every community can prosper, and where all Americans can stand tall and proud and free."
2 arrested after police follow stolen construction pickup from Stillwater County back to Billings
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Alaska State Troopers have filed charges against two Petersburg teens who they say intentionally struck a couple of Sitka Black Tail deer and then laughed about it
Two Vermont men have been arrested following a string of Chittenden County burglaries. Police say Samuel Blatt, 26, of Swanton, and Ryan Chamberlain, 25, of Winooski, are behind at least seven burglaries last month in Jericho, Westford, Milton and Essex. The arrests come after a three-week investigation involving multiple police departments.
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[email protected]: "We've made such incredible progress over the last yearWe had the lowest African American unemployment rate in the history of our country."
5 day ago
[email protected]: "It is the dream of a nation where every citizen, regardless of color, religion, or background, can grow up to succeed and to thrive. A nation where every family is safe, where every community can prosper, and where all Americans can stand tall and proud and free."
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[email protected]: This year we honor a special theme: African Americans in times of warLong before our nation righted the wrongs of slavery and segregation, African Americans gave their hearts, their sweat, their blood, and their very lives to defend the US, its flag, and its highest ideals.
US Department of State: "Iraq is at an important juncture in its history. We support a united, democratic, federal, and prosperous Iraq, and a stable and viable Iraqi Kurdistan region as part of the Iraqi state." - Secretary RexTillerson today at KuwaitConference
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Another judge blocks Trump administration from ending DACA program
Speaker of the House Paul Ryan: Jeff Bell was a man of conviction whose big ideas helped pave the way for the pro-growth policies of Reagan and Kemp. I learned much from him. We will miss him, and I am praying for his family during this time.
Video: @StateDeptSpox Nauert and @WHAAsstSecty Palmieri discuss Secretary Tillerson's recent travel to Argentina, where the Secretary and President @mauriciomacri discussed bilateral trade, Venezuela, and Buenos Aires hosting the G20 Summit.
President Trump was asked twice today by @ABC about domestic violence following staffer's resignation. He did not respond.
US Department of State: Secretary Tillerson at KuwaitConference: We are committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through @EximBankUS and @opicgov. Their work will create jobs and opportunity in the region and enhance economic cooperation between Iraq and the U.S.
Bristol, Conn. (AP) — A University of Connecticut scientist was arraigned Tuesday on charges that she murdered her husband, a UConn doctor whose body may have been left inside their home since June.
Police searching UH Main campus for armed suspect
Rescue chopper has arrived on Mount Hood ready to save the climbers
Police officer dies after being shot while assisting a tactical team at the James R. Thompson Center in Chicago
Sherriffs say they used meeting with Pres to also discuss frustration with sanctuary cities that harbor criminal suspects from law enforcement.
Department of State: In Egypt, Secretary Tillerson had a chance to catch up with the employees and @USMC Security Guards at @USEmbassyCairo.
Department of State: Today, @StateDept and @USAID published their FY 2018-2022 Joint Strategic Plan, which conveys Secretary Tillerson's and @USAIDMarkGreen's vision for foreign policy and development, based wholly on @POTUS' commitments to America and its citizens.
White House Proposes Replacing Food Stamp Program With Pre Packaged Meals Called "America's Harvest Box"
President also to nominate Joseph Cella, businessman and Catholic issues advisor to the Trump Campaign, to be US Ambassador to Fiji, Kiribati,, Nauru, Tonga and Tuvalu.
@statedeptspox: At the Iraqi Reconstruction Conference today, Secretary Tillerson was pleased to announce that the United States is committed to supporting the U.S. private sector in Iraq through the @EximBankUS and @opicgov.
President also uses remarks to sheriff's to pitch for his immigration enforcement program including southern border wall.
At meeting with members of @NationalSheriff, Pres Trump pledges 100% support for "strong law and order." "We're taking the fight to the drug dealers and drug pushers. That's that's the way it's gonna stop."
@IvankaTrump: Infrastructure in the United States is crumbling and no longer meets the needs of the American public. +50K American bridges are rated as "structurally deficient." These deficient bridges are driven across 175 MILLION times each day. We must rebuild our country's infrastructure!
@statedeptspox: As a part of U.S. efforts to bolster Central America's fight against transnational crime, the @StateDept and @USCG partnered to refurbish and donate two Coast Guard cutters to the Costa Rican Coast Guard.
[email protected] on immigration debate: "I'm ready to get started. This is the debate they said they wantedThe sooner we get started, the better."
Asked whether President Trump believes women who accused former White House staffer of domestic violence, @PressSec tells @CeciliaVega he takes allegations seriously, and "supports the victims of any type of violence, and certainly would condemn any violence against anyone."
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[email protected]: "The president has confidence in his chief of staff."
Chicago Shooting: Person found shot at Thompson Center
[email protected]: "I know the president certainly would like to reduce the deficit He is going to continue to look for ways to do that."
@statedeptspox: We join the Government of Pakistan and others around the world in mourning the untimely death of Pakistani humanrights and democracy advocate, Asma Jahangir. For years, she courageously defended the rights of those who did not have a voice.
@SenGillibrand: Our country is better and stronger because of the contributions of our Dreamers. They deserve to know that their futures are secure. As this debate finally moves to the Senate floor, let's give everything we can to the fight to protect them.
Shooting reported at James R. Thompson Center in Chicago's Loop
Toronto firefighter who went missing in Lake Placid, New York has been located safely in Sacramento, Cali., police say.
Chicago police and fire personnel at Northwestern Memorial downtown where an officer who was shot was transported.
[email protected] says WH Personnel Security Office received FBI report on Rob Porter in July, but needed more fieldwork. Recd subsequent FBI report in November, and was still working on his security clearance recommendation when Porter resigned.
6 day ago
"It's up to Congress to set the timeline," says @PressSec.
"I've done the best I can to walk you through that process," adds @PressSec.
"We relay the best and most accurate information we have," replies @PressSec on whether she may have been misled on Porter timeline by the chief of staff.
Thompson Center part of a giant crime scene details to follow once confirmed
Sarah Huckabee Sander: "A large number of the background component is run by the FBI."
Sanders: "We've condemned domestic violence in every way possible."
Communications Director Hope Hicks "was not part of a lot of conversations that took place" about Porter but "has done a great job." - Sanders
Sanders: "I wouldn't know the specifics" of what required more field work for the security clearance investigation of Porter.
Sarah Sanders: "We are humans, making us imperfect people."
Ambassador Haley: "Without the media and @UN personnel in Burma to shed light on the crimes being committed, there is no hope for justice for the victims."
The @WhiteHouse "personnel security office" which is staffed by career officials "had not completed their process."
6 day ago
"Significant additional investigatory fieldwork" was needed to complete Rob Porter's security investigation, says @PressSec.
6 day ago
There will be only limited time for questions today, says @PressSec.
"Not enough money in the world to pay for all the infrastructure," says @SecElaineChao. Says Admin looking for creative ways to rebuild infrastructure. Says Admin giving states and localities flexibility for creative financing.
6 day ago
[email protected]: Today, the president is proud to donate his fourth quarter 2017 salary to the Department of Transportation to support their programs to rebuild and modernize our crumbling infrastructure.
6 day ago
[email protected]: "We are committed to quickly building a safe, reliable, and modern infrastructure to meet the needs of the American people and to fuel economic growth."
[email protected]: "We have over 350 companies that have announced wage increases, bonuses, new hiring or increased retirement benefits as a direct result of tax reform which not a single Democrat supported."
6 day ago
[email protected]: "The president is working to build an economy that works for all Americans."
6 day ago
"A very special announcement," says @PressSec. @POTUS 2017 4th quarter salary being donated to @USDOT.
Cosmetics impresario and @GOP fundraiser to be nominated as US ambassador to Poland.
Man who set off bombs in New York City, at New Jersey shore is sentenced to multiple terms of life in prison.
[email protected]: "We can never give up on health care reform because that is the key driver of our debt in the future You fix health care, you fix the debt crisis."
U.S. urges U.N. to hold Myanmar military accountable for 'ethnic cleansing'
Sen. Graham: "When you think about Democ and DACA think about Republicans and Obamacare. They know what they're against but don't know what they are for"
Pres also invited members of Congress to make a counter-proposal to his infrastructure plan. Urges Congress to work together on plan to fix roads, tunnels and bridges. Says he's ready, willing and able to work on it with them.
@WhiteHouse daily briefing delayed until 14:30 EST (19:30 GMT).
[email protected] on @POTUS' DACA offer: "I can't imagine the other side of the aisle objecting to what he came out with."
@IvankaTrump: An incredible day in Pittsburgh, PA discussing TaxReform and Deregulation with small business owners and local officials. Thanks to TaxCuts small businesses will benefit from the lowest tax rate in 80 years!
National Intelligence Dan Coats told the US Senate, "The provocative nature and the instability that Kim has demonstrated potentially is a significant threat to the United States"
At end of trade meeting, Pres doesn't respond to reporters questions about former aide Rob Porter and the allegations of his ex wives.
"Do you believe Rob Porter's ex-wives?" a reporter repeatedly asked @POTUS as the press pool was ushered out. No reply to that.
"I am ready, willing and able" to consider a counter-proposal on infrastructure, @POTUS tells bipartisan group of senators.
Trump to Sen. Brown: "I actually think that we can go bipartisan on infrastructure, maybe even more so than we can on DACA. Because the difference is we want to help DACA, you don't OK? I'm kidding. I'm sure you do. I hope we can."
"There is no tax, there is no tariff if they come in and built their plants in this country," promises @POTUS.
Jackson City Council adopts ordinance decriminalizing marijuana; maximum penalty $100 for possession of 30 grams or less. Ordinance takes effect in 30 days
"It can often do as much damage as good," warns @RepKevinBrady, sitting alongside @POTUS, of Section 232. "You have to be really targeted."
President accuses China of exporting steel to the U.S. by trans-shipping through countries that don't even make steel, so there are no tariffs. "It's a very bad situation," says Trump.
@SenGillibrand: I will no longer accept donations from corporate PACs, and I wanted to share why I've made that decision. I hope you'll join me in doing everything we can to fight to reform our broken campaign finance system.
ROK "doing a lot of trans-shipping" of steel from China, says @POTUS, further indicating he's likely to invoke Section 232.
"This really is a national security issue," says @SenBobCasey of steel used for the US electrical grid which is manufactured in Pennsylvania.
"We do have a pool of 100 million people," in US, says @POTUS but some make more money "if they stay home than work."
Burr pointedly said there is more than just the Special Counsel's investigation going on re: Russia
"It's very much a double-edged sword," agrees @POTUS.
Steel tariffs by George W Bush administration "backfired," causing higher prices and lead to US job losses, @SenAlexander tells @POTUS.
Pres needles Democrats at trade meeting. "I hope we can do DACA. You don't." Then quips, "just kidding." But urges lawmakers to "focus on DACA this week if you don't mind." Earlier tweeted that Dems want the political issue, not a DACA deal.
Burr said Senate Intel will hold a hearing on election security before 2018 primaries begin next month
"A lot of our manufacturers have given up" on selling overseas because of high taxes, says @POTUS to @RepWalorski who has been citing woes of Indiana manufacturers.
During WH mtg, Alexander reminds POTUS that Bush imposed tariffs on steel imports in 2002. Trump: "It didn't work for Bush but nothing worked for Bush."
$7 trillion "wasted" in the Middle East, declares @POTUS, contending there's not "two dollars" to fix roads and bridges.
"We want to help DACA, you don't," says @POTUS to @SenSherrodBrown. "I'm kidding."
"232 needs to apply more broadly" beyond China, adds @SenSherrodBrown.
"Trade has always been bipartisan" @SenSherrodBrown asserts alongside colleagues from both parties and @POTUS at the @WhiteHouse.
D.C. Metro Police are on the scene at former President Obama's D.C. office after reports of a white powdery substance. - Fox 5
"We're like the piggy bank," says President criticizing U.S. policies he inherited. He cites Japan, South Korea and Saudi Arabia. Says it's not fair. We defend them and they pay us a fraction of the costs.
"We have rebuilt China with the money they've taken out of the United States," adds @POTUS.
"It's not fair" that Japan and ROK pay only a fraction for the cost of the US defending them, says @POTUS, returning to one of his campaign themes.
"We're like the stupid people," says Pres Trump of trade where US exporters have to pay massive tariffs in some countries, like India, but other countries can sell their products in US without tariffs. Considering reciprocal tariffs.
"It's not fair," @POTUS says of ROK "dumping" TV sets in US, but also noting they're no longer made in the US.
"How many Chevrolets do you see in the middle of Berlin?" asks @POTUS.
"It's called fair trade. It's called free trade," says @POTUS of possible need for reciprocal tax on countries, such as India. "We charge them zero. We're like the stupid people."
India and others will reduce their taxes instead of retaliating, predicts @POTUS.
Pres blames his predecessors, "not just Obama," for agreeing to trade deals that gave advantage to other countries - especially China. Says he's spoken to China "very strongly" about its unfair trading practices.
And @SenToomey also warns @POTUS of retaliation if Section 232 of Trade Expansion Act of 1962 is invoked.
Money and jobs lost to China "unthinkable," adds @POTUS.
"We've told them it just can't continue," @POTUS says of China and trade deficit with US. "People who sat in my seat allowed them to do this."
"I appreciate the bipartisan spirit of this meeting," adds VP and then @POTUS says: "I want to hear from both sides before we make the decision" noting it could lead to "high prices" but would also generate US jobs.
Pres Trump consults with GOP and Dem members of Congress about how to respond to dumping of steel and aluminum imports in the US. Says its "decimating" US steel and aluminum industries. Says he has to decide on tariffs or quotas in response. "I want to hear from both sides."
"It's about our economy, it's about our national security," says @VP concerning "dumping of aluminum and steel."
"It's a horrible dealit was a disaster," reiterates @POTUS on KORUS.
A @GM auto plant in ROK is "going to move back to Detroit," announces @POTUS. "We have a very bad trade deal with Koreait's incompetent somebody could have made a trade deal like that."
Giants, such as US Steel "are hanging on for their life." - POTUS
We "have to be careful we don't start a reciprocal battle on tariffs," @RoyBlunt tells @POTUS.
"I will make a decision that reflects the best interests of the United States." POTUS
"We are taken advantage of by other countries," in aluminum and steel trade, says @POTUS. "They're being decimated by dumping by many countries, but in particularly one."
@POTUS: "Part of the options would be tariffs."
[email protected]: "If [Democrats] want a solution for the DACA issue, the president gave them the solution in the State of the Union, which is in this legislation."
Asked if the White House should have handled Porter's situation any differently, John Kelly said, "No It was all done right."
US Intelligence officials warn Congress that Russia is trying to interfere with 2018 elections
3 Democratic senators have introduced a resolution pushing Trump to use the new authority over Russia sanctions that Congress gave him
U.S. moves to place Pakistan on global watchdog's terrorist-financing watchlist; Pakistan 'hopeful' it can stave off its inclusion at meeting next week
[email protected]: "There's a lot of good things in the budget, but it should have been offset."
[email protected]: If you made the decision to come to this country illegally, you do face risk of deportation
Twitter shares up 6.2 percent.
No single agency is "in charge," of dealing with Russian election meddling, DNI Coats says.
DNI Coats tells Senate Intel Cmte that that the federal debt poses a "national security threat," which could harm future planning. Says that's a problem mixed with "fractious" political discourse
6 day ago
DNI Coats says Russia views the 2018 midterm elections as potential for influence operations
6 day ago
DNI Coats says the number of people displaced by conflict right is the highest it's been since WWII
As DNI Coats just warns that Russia will continue to use "sympathetic spokesmen" to advance its interests in the US, note how far right-wing talking points mirror those of Russian bots
DNI Coats tells the Senate Intel Committee that Russia will continue attacking our elections and are focused on the 2018 midterm elections. "There should be no doubt that Russia perceives it's past operations as successful."
Businesses and homes near 50th and France in Edina, Minnesota are being evacuated after contractors hit a gas line in the area
DNI Coats says the risk of interstate conflict is higher at any time than since the Cold War
DNI Coats says: "Pakistan will continue to threaten US interests by deploying new nuclear weapons capabilities, maintaining its ties to militants, restricting counterterrorism cooperation, and drawing closer to China."
An accident has Rt. 24SB in Brockton down to 2 lanes. Traffic is backed up while crews try to upright a dump truck that rolled over. Brockton FD: One person had to be extricated, conscious and alert
US jet destroys Russian T-72 battle tank in East Syria in 'self-defense' Saturday after 'pro-government forces' fired on US special ops and allied Syrian fighters near same location of last week's attack, officials say. No US or allied casualties. 3 inside tank killed.
6 day ago
A car chase in Nampa turned deadly overnight when a woman fell from the fleeing vehicle. The incident happened just after midnight Tuesday morning. According to Nampa Police, officers pulled over 46-year-old Joe A. Nevarez in the 1600 block of 2nd Street South.
Police are asking for assistance with a hit-and-run collision Monday evening that left a pedestrian with life-threatening injuries
A Birmingham woman has been arrested Monday in the Jan. 13 shooting death of Laronald McDaniel, 21, authorities said. Ebonee Sade Russell Malone, 30, has been charged with capital murder, according to court records. On Jan. 18, deputies responded to a report of a shooting in front of a home in the 800 block of Gary Avenue.
One person was killed and three others injured in a crash on the Stevenson Expressway. The one-vehicle accident happened just after midnight Tuesday on northbound I-55 at the Cicero Ave. ramp when an SUV hit a guard rail.
6 day ago
A four-year-old boy was hospitalized Monday night after suffering a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The Crawford County Sheriff’s Office responded to reports of a juvenile asking for a ride Monday evening and located a 14-year-old male walking South on 130th Street. According to CRSO, he had left his residence and said he needed a ride to Pittsburg because his brother had been shot.
Fire crews are battling a large blaze tearing through a metro home. Oklahoma City firefighters were called out just before 6 a.m. for reports of a house fire near NW 95th and Walker Ave. Arriving crews reported upwards of 60-foot flames shooting through the roof of the home.
Police say they have arrested a suspect they deemed “armed and dangerous” after a south Columbus shooting left a man dead. According to the Columbus Division of Police, at about 1:09am, Feb. 6, officers were called to a residence in the 500 block of East Welch Avenue on the report of a shooting.
Heavy smoke could be seen from a fire at 520 Dakota St. in Butte on Tuesday morning. The smoke is pouring from one room on the upper floor of a duplex at that address. It's not known if anyone was home at the time of the fire, or if anyone was injured in the blaze.
One person is dead and another is critically hurt in a three-vehicle crash on Ohio 48 in Clearcreek Township in Tuesday morning, according to the Warren County Coroner's Office.
Police have identified the body of an infant found buried in a yard in southwest Ohio. The Dayton Daily News and WHIO-TV report Riverside police have identified the body as Addalynn Marie George, born Dec. 21, 2017. Police say there are no suspects in what is being investigated as an abuse of a corpse.
Phoenix police say a 3-year-old boy has died following this crash last night
House fire in Mesa, Adult son burned trying to help parents get out. Son was taken to the hospital with minor burns to his hands and smoke inhalation6 day ago
House fire in Mesa, Adult son burned trying to help parents get out. Son was taken to the hospital with minor burns to his hands and smoke inhalation
An 84-year-old military veteran who had been fighting eviction from his apartment near Miami was fatally shot by at least four police officers. The Miami Herald reports officers were called to the Hidden Grove apartment complex on Monday when Raymond Bishop threatened to kill himself. Detective Argemis Colome told local news outlets that a confrontation ensued and police were forced to shoot.
A Fort Smith man is facing child pornography charges and is accused of sending and receiving pictures of children on a phone app, according to the Sebastian County Sheriff's Office
Police arrested two women in the attack of a pregnant woman in a Bronx building. The pregnant woman was beaten and suffered bruising to her face and stomach6 day ago
Police arrested two women in the attack of a pregnant woman in a Bronx building. The pregnant woman was beaten and suffered bruising to her face and stomach
Police are responding to a report of an individual shot at a Chevron gas station in Taylorsville Tuesday morning. The shooting happened at 5595 S. Redwood Road, according to police dispatch. They say they received a call of a person shot in the hand.
Two teen girls broke into a home, killed pets inside and set a car on fire on Super Bowl Sunday, the Lenoir County Sheriff’s Office said. Hallie Lauren Pate, 17, of Kinston and Jordan Alexis Ruiz, 18, of Albertson face 12 charges each, including burning personal property, felony cruelty to animals and breaking and entering charges.
Officer was nearly run over prompting a help an officer call. Shortly after midnight, a Council Bluffs Police Officer pulled into the Kwik Shop off of Avenue G and 36th street.
The death of a woman found in a Leslie Drive driveway in Lexington is being treated as a possible homicide, the Fayette County coroner told WKYT, bringing to five the number of slayings since Feb. 4.
A Miami police officer fired his weapon while chasing a robber Tuesday morning, but it wasn’t immediately clear if anyone was shot because the suspects got away. By 8 a.m. police had set up a perimeter in Little Havana at Northwest 10th Avenue and Fourth Street, where the shooting occurred.
Garden Grove police respond to report of body found in burned-out car
I-4O Eastbound at 12th Street is back open after an early morning crash. The crash was reported around 4:00am Tuesday morning.
Authorities have released the names of two people killed in an early morning crash in Jersey City over the weekend. The Hudson County prosecutor's office says 25-year-old Mario Guevara and 24-year-old Heather Acosta were killed in the 3 a.m. Sunday crash on Tonnelle Avenue.
Police: 16-year-old girl hit twice in DeLand drive by shooting when at least 17 shots fired at a home
Miami police have set up a perimeter in the area of NW 10th Avenue and 4th Street as they search for two robbery suspects. The public is asked to avoid the area between NW 3rd Street and NW 6th Street and NW 10th and NW 11th avenues
6 day ago
One man dead following a shooting in Clinton