25 September 2021
LAPD respond to a multiple victim shooting at a warehouse in Harbor Gateway area along the 22900 block of Lockness Avenue, this borders city of Torrance.
Greensboro police investigating a shooting at the Marathon on West Market Street. It happened at around 1:40 this morning.
Antifa militant brings their sex toys for show and tell with Portland PD
Projectiles were thrown at officers and they fired crowd control munitions. May have hit the girl who was yelling at them in the previous video. saw her on the ground, then others helped carry her away
Then they rushed people again, but didn't push them very far
Portland, Oregon . State & local police rush a crowd of less than 100 protesters outside of the North precinct. It is unclear why this most recent rush just occurred.
1 year ago
3.1 magnitude earthquake. 45 km SSE of Akhiok, Alaska
Overnight house fire on Peacock St - Fire started in a laundry room just after midnight - owner escaped without injury @JFRDJAX was able to contain the fire from spreading throughout the house - no other injuries reported
This truck, license plate 763 FZD, is full of police and is sitting behind the protest group on emerson and garfield
The police do a better job of blocking streets then the protesters. LRAD says leave vicinity of both precinct which
LRAD says we are still in the area of the precinct. We are way closer to PCC Cascade
Demetria Hester is back at the north precinct, she was arrested last night by Portland police. All of her charges were dropped earlier today
Portland Police made multiple arrests on the splintered crowd throughout the neighborhood.
Some protesters have made their way back to the North Precinct. Portland Police is still holding the line. Demetria Hester is on scene leading the chants.
Shots fired, 451 E 48th Place near Liberty Common Apartments
Police are blocking the intersection of Vancouver and Killingsworth. They haven't said why. A group on the other side of the street was chanting "Peaceful protest" for a while
Police riot line at Killingsworth and Vancouver, with a small crowd behind them to the east, and a larger group in the street a block west
Driving away near Emerson and Vancouver Portland, Oregon
Officers coming from the west. Hard to follow dispersal orders to go west
Riverside Shooting - : @rivcafire and @AMR_Social are en-route for a female shot in the stomach area. On Canyon Crest and Central.
San Antonio fire department units responding to 200 Carlisle Avenue for a structure on tac2. cross st: huron st/st elmo
The push continues. Portland Police did not execute as many arrests as last night. The protesters are pushed Westwards along Killingsworth St
On several occasions, this OSP state trooper verbally accosted members of the Press for filming too close to police.
Boston: Wood Ave at Seminole, fatal motorcycle crash, rider was found in the roadway not breathing, no info on how rider ended up in the roadway
Man killed in officer-involved shooting was armed in the 400 block of Plaza Circle
220 E Illinois - Security says they just found a bag of iPads that were possibly looted. Chicago
Police use smoke, a few run after protestors, two officers use the sidewalk instead of street and push press out the way as they run past
Some smoke and lots of sprinting. This reporter hates running
Oregon state police officer gives this reporter an arrest warning.
Portland Police has just pushed protesters away from the North Precinct. They executed several dynamic pushes and made arrests.
More of the push down killingsworth.
2 men in critical condition after drive-by shooting in Lakewood in the 5400 block of West 6th Avenue Frontage Road
Killingsworth and Commercial more flashing lights that way. They turned around by the time we got there. Air smells a little spicy, but it did yesterday too and PPB said they didn't use countryside gas last night
About 100 people gathered at Mandana Plaza Park on Lakeshore Avenue Oakland tonight to mourn the victims of recent homicides including Darius Brazell a 55-y/o father of five children
Police encourage protestors to walk faster
SWAT team takes armed man into custody after lengthy standoff in South LA
Body found after Roseville vehicle fire investigated as suspicious death
Police bull rushed and pushed protestors out of the area Portland PD
I-40 eastbound isn't shutdown near exit 141 Sharon School Rd as a truck carrying pounds of toothpaste overturned and caught some of the woods on fire.1 year ago
I-40 eastbound isn't shutdown near exit 141 Sharon School Rd as a truck carrying pounds of toothpaste overturned and caught some of the woods on fire.
Investigators are working to tow away this scorched car near Wheat Field Court in Roseville. They found a body inside of it ealier today and say the death is "suspicious." The Fire Dept says it started as a vehicle fire that spread to surrounding dry brush.
Shots fired, 13 rounds heard at 2901 E 97th Street near Veterans' Memorial Park
Two people were injured in a North Las Vegas shooting tonight. Both victims were taken to UMC in unknown condition
1 year ago
Shooting: 8971 Gessner, one shot multiple times and expected to survive. Houston,Texas
Police disperse protestors Portland, Oregon
1 year ago
DPD officers are present in the area of Tennyson and Mississippi working a shooting. A single male victim is being treated for GSouth-West
Homicide detectives were investigating a shooting death in Palmdale Monday night, officials said
Officers clearing the street pushed people and pepper sprayed at least one person. Looks like one of the people in the hand-holding group I tweeted about may have been arrested
The 18-year-old man shot multiple times and found wounded on an Azusa sidewalk is in critical but stable condition Monday.
North Las Vegas Police are investigating a shooting in a northeast Valley neighborhood. The incident occurred near East Lake Mead and Belmont Street
Some people being detained by police. @fox12oregon
Officers moved in from several directions and started arresting people in Portland, Oregon
Lots of water bottles, eggs, etc. being thrown
4700 W Superior - Tyrone says his fiancé hit him in the head with a pan and he's unsure if he needs medical attention. Chicago
Base of confederate monument in @CityofDurhamNC being removed on East Main Street. Statue at the top was toppled back in 2017
Evergreen Park PD says looters are fleeing from a smash n grab at a jewelry store at 97th and Claremont. Chicago
5544 W Wellington - 3 rounds 5313 W Barry - 3 rounds Both detected on the ShotSpotter Chicago
Unlawful assmebly declared, use of force and tear gas warning
Caution tape got cut. LRAD warning people to stop throwing eggs at officers and to move away from those who are
Portland Police has just declared an illegal assembly. Crowds are told to disperse North.
These officers names are LOW and SHORT. Portland, Oregon
Shooting in the 2400 block of Elvans Rd, SE. No Lookout
Eggs getting thrown at troopers Portland, Oregon
Looks like there's currently a drone and a plane (second lit up object) overhead. The plane is circling. Drone is sort of hovering near crowd
Boston: Malcolm X at Roxbury St, male stabbed in neck, suspect in custody, both tx to hospital, stabbing injury is non life threatening
Division & LaSalle - A call of looters at Jewel-Osco. Chicago
74 days of mass demonstrations Portland, Oregon
At least a couple hundred people gathered outside of the @PortlandPolice North Precinct.
Woman killed in Near North hit and run, police say
This may be an attempt by Portland police to de-escalate. There only about 20 police officers visible and about 200 protestors
Crowd stepping over the downed caution tape and yelling at troopers
So there's the fire Portland, Oregon
1 year ago
Brooklyn 272 Wyckoff St. Male shot, suspect fled toward 4th Ave from Nevins St in a white SUV. Level 1 mobilization called
Portland Police has just warned against individuals throwing eggs at officers. The crowd is smaller compared to previous nights, police have not declared an illegal assembly yet.
The crowd is marching down Killingsworth.
The front of the precinct police Portland, Oregon
When Governor Brown sent in OSP it was stated that it was to support a withdrawal of federal fleeces. It is interesting that they are just replacing the PPB for protest policing
Protestors stand outside the north precinct, yellow caution tape separates them and Portland police in riot gear
Police officers will somtimes use a pulsing light setting, protestors often object to this particular way to use the flashlight
Crowd is continuing to chant at officers. Police haven't gotten any closer to group. They remain separated by caution tape
Cop vehicles shining lights on protestors, meanwhile the LRAD announces that protestors need to stop shining lights at officers. double standard much Portland
Police LRAD warns protestors to stop throwing things at officers, tells protestors to move away from those protestors that are throwing things
1 year ago
Bronx 1330 Intervale Ave. Female grazed by a bullet, aided not likely. Level 1 mobilization called
234 W Root - Group of people seen in the rear of Root Inn liquors. Chicago
@SCVSHERIFF investigating stabbing and robbery at Canyon Country liquor store on 27100 block of Sierra Highway. Man threatened to use gun on store clerk and police in commission of robbery. Clerk hit him with golf club, it broke off and somehow stabbed suspect
108 N State: a burglar alarm at Banana Republic. Chicago
1 year ago
MinaFire off Hopper Ln and Crawford Rd, north of Covelo in Mendocino County is 171 acres and 30% contained. Evacuation orders remain in place.
LAPD is responding to a report of a possibly armed man barricaded inside of a Hancock Park home
67/Racine: PURSUIT of a vehicle that crashed into several squad cars, SWAT is rolling. Chicago
1 year ago
Residential structure fire in the 2600 block of Peacock street. The house is all clear after a search
Crews are responding to a residential structure fire in the 2600 block of Peacock st.S12 is on scene advising heavy smoke showing. more crews are en route
1619 S Michigan - Caller says people are looting at the Greenleaf Food Market store. Chicago
Preliminary info: Officers trying to find a silver Ford Explorer that hit a woman at State/Hubbard
1 year ago
Bronx 2048 Mapes Ave. 2 people shot, both aideds not likely at this time
1 year ago
Police in Lenexa are investigating after an 18-year-old was wounded in a shooting near the 8800 block of Pflumm Rd in Lenexa, Kansas
Confirmed Shooting (DEMS): DPD's 9th Precinct responding to the 15700 block of Liberal on reports of a shooting. Caller says a neighbor shot someone. Universal Medic 43 also responding.
Confirmed Fatal Shooting: DPD's 10th/2nd Precinct investigating a shooting in the 14200 block of Wisconsin, multiple calls into 911. DPD sending a 2nd Precinct unit(s). Detroit's west side.
Shooting near 17010 Harper Ave in Detroit, Michigan, with no injuries
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Woodward OK until 9:30 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Fort Wayne IN, New Haven IN, South Whitley IN until 7:45 PM EDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Goshen IN, Nappanee IN, Syracuse IN until 7:00 PM EDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Ligonier IN, Syracuse IN, Bourbon IN until 7:00 PM EDT
"We must stop politicizing the virus," says @POTUS. "We're very angry about it."
"Countries in every continent are seeing an increase in cases" of COVID19, says @POTUS. "Latin America is the region with the most number of confirmed cases by far.It's pretty much on fire."
Trump is returning to the briefing room, per overhead announcement. @carolelee reporting live from inside the Brady Press Briefing Room
Trump abruptly walked away from the podium after an aide approached and whispered something to him, ending his news conference after just a couple minutes
[email protected] reports the sounds of shots fired near the White House, developing
The White House briefing just abruptly ended; a Secret Service agent just pulled the president. Briefing room doors locked
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Union Grove WI, Eagle Lake WI, North Cape WI until 4:45 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Waukegan IL, North Chicago IL, Gurnee IL until 4:45 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Pleasant Prairie WI, Twin Lakes WI, Camp Lake WI until 4:15 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Burlington WI, Lake Geneva WI, Bohners Lake WI until 4:15 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Evanston IL, Skokie IL, Des Plaines IL until 4:30 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Joliet IL, Naperville IL, Bolingbrook IL until 4:00 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Aurora IL, Saint Charles IL, Oswego IL until 3:45 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Poplar Grove IL, Capron IL, Timberlane IL until 3:45 PM CDT
1 year ago
Tornado Warning including Belvidere IL, Loves Park IL, Cherry Valley IL until 3:45 PM CDT
Gas leak in Paradise Hills forces evacuations. 5800 block of Potomac St. @SDGE crews are on the scene along with fire crews.
A spokesperson from the University of Maryland Medical Center says they have 3 adult men at their hospital from the gas explosion. One is in critical condition, one serious and one is in fair condition
A man's body is found in Roger Williams Park. @ProvidenceRIPD say he later died of wounds at RI Hospital, and they are treating this as a homicide.
1 year ago
3.2 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, United States
Winds from a severe thunderstorm caused at least one truck to overturn on Interstate 380. I pulled up and called 911 immediately as these men helped the driver out. The woman in the video is an RN and checked on the driver who seems to be fine before taking him to her vehicle
Officer pulled out injured. Police pushing people South from Madison, slowly. Madison closed for three four blocks. SWAT leading most of the pushing away from Madison
Colorado Springs Fire is on scene of a hit natural gas line at Chapel Hills Dr and Briargate Blvd. Traffic in the area is affected and one building has been evacuated.
Madison empty, policemen all in the neighborhood
Man, 29, critical after shooting in Kingsessing the 1100 block of South Peach Street
Photog @realmannynation took these pictures from closer to the explosion site. Homes collapsed on Labyrinth Road.
Manhattan Central Park West and W 92nd St. Search for a robbery suspect described as a m/b, 15-16 y/o, wearing a white t-shirt and fled on a Citi Bike on Central Park West and made a left on W 91st St
Warner Bros. top TV and movie distribution executives Jeffrey Schlesinger and Ron Sanders are out as part of cuts and consolidation. Warner Bros. CFO Kim Williams also out
A minivan tried to hit a PO and fled, meanwhile things still being thrown
1 year ago
3.0 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, United States
Pulaski/Monroe and Karlov fireworks and bottles being thrown Chicago, Illinois
Z10... throwing bottles, fireworks Chicago, Illinois
SWAT with shields and heavily armed move to disperse residents
Officers getting stuff thrown at them in the alley
Z10, an officer hit by a brick Chicago, Illinois
Rocks being thrown at police in the alley between Madison and Monroe
1063 team making entry behind the Bearcat and going to take anyone into custody
Starting to push into neighborhood unclear why. Chicago, Illinois
SWAT in the intersection but not clear why. Karlov and Madison Chicago, Illinois
1 year ago
On Angeles Crest Hwy, @LASDHQ & @CHPsouthern responding to a gunshot victim in vehicle. @LACOFD already on scene
Investigators say they believe a deadly shooting at the Kansas City Zoo over the weekend may have been an accident.
Also a helicopter above the scene Chicago, Illinois
A man was found shot dead inside a home on the 7000 block of Penny Street. Family members called police for a welfare check. They're investigating the shooting as a homicide
At least 1 woman was killed and 4 people wounded by a natural gas explosion in Baltimore. At least 4 homes destroyed or ripped open. Rescuers still looking for victims/survivors. The cause of the blast is not yet known, but may be linked to outdated pipes
Libertyville FD on scene at Medline Industries Distribution Center, 1501 Harris Rd with a working structure fire. MABAS Box 46-12 requested
Dozens of volunteers help clean up the mess left by looters, after a particularly chaotic night in Chicago
1 year ago
10-year-old Longview child dies from injuries in shooting incident out to the 200 block of Whatley Street
1 year ago
2.9 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, UnitedStates
Karlov looking north from Madison Chicago, Illinois
1 year ago
[email protected]: My friend, Congressman @TomEmmer, is doing a tremendous job for the people of Minnesota. He strongly supports our brave Law Enforcement & National Guard, fights for our Vets and works hard to Cut your Taxes. Tom has my Complete and Total Endorsement. MN06
NOPD investigating shooting in 400 block of 10th Street. Initial reports show 13-year-old juvenile male victim sustained gunshot wound to head. Victim was transported to hospital in critical condition.
1 year ago
[email protected]: Congressman @PeteStauber fights for the hard-working people of Northeastern Minnesota. A former professional hockey player, Pete knows how to win. He stands for Law Enforcement, Small Business and our Vets. Pete has my Complete and Total Endorsement. MN08
Libertyville Box Alarm 1501 Harris Rd Structure Fire. SRR,317
1 year ago
3.3 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, United States
Belarus government urged to respect peaceful protests and restrain from the use of force, adds @PressSec
"Deeply concerned" by the #BelarusPresidentialElection, says @PressSec
Karlov / Madison SWAT using gas at the 10-1
Keeler and Madison they're throwing barricades at police Cook County sherrif just struck in the face with a brick at Madison and Pulaski
People throwing barricades at police cars, North Keeler Avenue & West Madison Street, Chicago
Man killed, woman wounded in Richmond ambush shooting in the 1500 block of Chanslor Avenue.
1 year ago
[email protected]: CONGRATS to General Dynamic's Bath Iron Works & Local S6 on reaching a tentative agreement after the long strike. GD builds GREAT Arleigh-Burke destroyers. Super boost for Maine Economy. Glad to have helped. I've done a lot for Maine
Bullet holes riddle River North businesses after looting & chaos overnight. An unfortunately familiar sight for many business owners - who just re opened after the previous unrest. Some businesses will NOT be able to reopen.
Here comes the Bearcat Chicago, Illinois
Injured officer taken to St Anthony Hospital SWAT on scene No disregard given for 10-1. Additional officers responding from adjacent districts. And the Alderman is calling in looting at 4028 W Washington
Milwaukee Police are investigating a shooting that occurred on Monday, August 10, 2020, at approximately 2:53 a.m., on the 2400 block of W. Roosevelt Drive. The victim, an 18-year-old woman from Milwaukee sustained non-life threatening injuries
1 year ago
2.6 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, United States
Police are investigating an officer-involved shooting in the northeast part of the valley: There are no reports of injuries but a person is barricaded in a mobile home
1 year ago
3.0 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, UnitedStates
Here comes the SWAT gas team
Multiple street closures being implemented Madison / Karlov / Washington / Pulaski 10-1 still continuing
A Florida man fatally shot his terminally ill daughter then turned the gun on himself, police say1 year ago
A Florida man fatally shot his terminally ill daughter then turned the gun on himself, police say
Police investigate officer-involved shooting in northeast Las Vegas at the Storeyville Mobile Home resort at 3755 N. Nellis Blvd
Structure fire on the 1600 Block at Kathleen Ave has been quickly extinguished. No victims reported and a cause has yet to be determined
Officer being transported to the hospital with an ankle injury. Someone is firing an automatic weapon
10-1 Madison and Karlov Saying officer down Fighting with the police
Two people were shot, more than 100 people were arrested and 13 police officers were injured as crowds broke windows and looted stores along Michigan Avenue and on the Near North Side overnight and into Monday morning
1 year ago
3.4 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, UnitedStates
LVMPD is on scene after an officer-involved shooting on Nellis Blvd. Metro says the suspect is barricaded in a mobile home.
A "major gas explosion" destroyed three row houses in Baltimore on Monday, killing one person and injuring several others, the Baltimore Fire Department said
Officer involved shooting Storeyville Mobile Home Park. no injuries Nellis closed at Gowan
1 year ago
Police identify suspect in deadly south Tulsa officer-involved shooting
1 year ago
[email protected]: We have narrowed the Presidential Nomination Acceptance Speech, to be delivered on the final night of the Convention (Thursday), to two locations - The Great Battlefield of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and the White House, Washington, D.C. We will announce the decision soon
1 year ago
2.4 magnitude earthquake. 14 mi from Salton City, CA, UnitedStates
1 year ago
The Columbus Division of Police: Shooting investigation underway in Weinland Park
Shots Fired Reported in Carbondale Early Monday Morning
US intelligence leader says Russia using Ukrainian MP Derkach to interfere in 2020 election
Ronald Green, 23; Tyree Hooper, 22; Terrance Hooper, 23, are charged with murder
Aerial footage shows the aftermath of a gas explosion that destroyed at least three row homes in Baltimore Monday, killing one woman, injuring at least two and with firefighters on digging through the debris for possible survivors
1 year ago
A 30-year-old Killeen man has been arrested after Police say he tried to entice a 16-year-old girl to meet up and have sex. Fox44TX
Looters stormed Chicago's Loop overnight. 400 officers trying to regain control of the city. Officers even fired upon at Lake and Michigan. This morning the crime scene tape is gone. Things are back to normal. People out and about.
1 year ago
3.5 magnitude earthquake. 10 mi from Niland, CA, United States
1 year ago
4.0 magnitude earthquake. 7 mi from Niland, CA, UnitedStates
1 year ago
4.9 magnitude earthquake. 8 mi from Niland, CA, UnitedStates
Indiana Reports 673 New Coronavirus Cases, 3 Additional Deaths Monday
Police are on the scene of a shooting Monday morning at a home in Mountain View on South 39th Street near Logan Avenue
Damage Gucci store. 900 Michigan Ave. Chicago, Illinois
Damage Macy's store. 835 N Michigan Ave. Chicago
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.6 - 12km SSE of Bombay Beach, CA
1 year ago
Earthquake of magnitude 4.9 - 10 km SE of Bombay Beach, California
Secretary Pompeo:I'm deeply troubled by reports of the arrest of @JimmyLaiApple under Hong Kong's draconian National Security Law. Further proof that the CCP has eviscerated Hong Kong's freedoms and eroded the rights of its people
US "deeply concerned by the recent draft decree" published by authorities in Russia targeting @VOANews and @RFERL, says @SecPompeo in statement
1 dead, 2 seriously injured after major explosion in Baltimore
At least one person is dead in what's believed to have been a gas explosion that destroyed three houses in the 4200 block of Labrynth Road in NW Baltimore, Councilman Yitzy Schleifer says1 year ago
At least one person is dead in what's believed to have been a gas explosion that destroyed three houses in the 4200 block of Labrynth Road in NW Baltimore, Councilman Yitzy Schleifer says
1 year ago
[email protected]: Portland, which is out of control, should finally, after almost 3 months, bring in the National Guard. The Mayor and Governor are putting people's lives at risk. They will be held responsible. The Guard is ready to act immediately. The Courthouse is secured by Homeland
Rescuers are communicating with one person still trapped. BCFDSRO Special Rescue Operations Team is working to get to the person. One person has been pronounced dead on scene.
The Baltimore firefighters union on Monday said several houses were damaged by an explosion near Reisterstown Plaza that killed at least one person, trapped several others and damaged several homes
1 year ago
[email protected]: RINO Ben Sasse, who needed my support and endorsement in order to get the Republican nomination for Senate from the GREAT State of Nebraska, has, that he's got it (Thank you President T), gone rogue, again. This foolishness plays right into the hands of the Radical Left Dems
Major explosion reported in Baltimore with adults, children trapped, according to reports
Police have identified the victim of a fatal accident near Moody Sunday night. James Pervis, 48, of Fairfield was pronounced dead at the scene.
1 year ago
A salmonella outbreak caused by onions is expanding and has infected 640 people from 43 states including Kansas and Missouri. At least 85 of them have been hospitalized, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said
Jewel Osco at Clark and Division was looted last night. This morning, employees are cleaning up the wreckage. Beauty products could be found amid the broken glass
1 year ago
3.1 magnitude earthquake. 8 mi from Westmorland, california, United States
One person was taken to the hospital following a house fire on West Poplar Street in Johnson City Monday morning
Christopher Brown was killed after a shooting broke out in a Southeast neighborhood early August 9. Dozens of others were injured. his family wants justice
Police investigate deadly Sunday night shooting in North Charleston in the 3300 block of Florida Avenue. 14-year-old was playing with a gun when it went off and killed the victim
All days off cancelled for Chicago Police after looting and unrest overnight. Officers will work on 12-hour shifts until further notice
Infant among 4 hospitalized after vehicle flies off road, rolls over
At least 13 officers injured, more than 100 arrested in widespread violence, looting in Chicago
1 year ago
Officers say they found a body near Centennial Park around 1:30 Monday morning in Tulare
Tulare Police investigating a scene near Centennial Park.
1 year ago
Deputies looking for people responsible for shooting dog, leaving it for dead on the side of road
Still seeing multiple bridges in the upright position
Video From @NBCSky5 Shows Aftermath of Looting at Lincoln Park Best Buy
Take a look at the cloud of smoke off in the distance of this shot- reported vehicle fire 70 EB near Brice Rd
Here is video of the scene on I-70. Columbus Fire responding now.
Folks are cleaning up the plaza at Sheffield and North Avenue from looting last night.
Neighborhood volunteers have arrived at the looted @BestBuy in LincolnPark to clean up debris left in the parking lot.
1 year ago
[email protected]: So Schumer and Pelosi want to meet to make a deal. Amazing how it all works, isn't it. Where have they been for the last 4 weeks when they were "hardliners", and only wanted BAILOUT MONEY for Democrat run states and cities that are failing badly They know my phone number
Scene of a deadly house fire in Northeast Portland. Neighbors told they heard explosions near NE 102nd and Sandy.
LincolnPark - the Apple store at North & Halsted was another hot spot this morning. 3 males arrested after coming back for a 2nd round of looting
Tulare Police are investigating a deadly shooting at Pleasant and I St
Warren County Officials say that @rachaelray and family members escaped the home without injury after fire broke out Sunday evening.1 year ago
Warren County Officials say that @rachaelray and family members escaped the home without injury after fire broke out Sunday evening.
Video out of Chicago of the Tesla store getting looted. Access to parts of downtown is blocked off.
Police investigate after 3 people were shot, including one man killed, as the Ceasefire Weekend came to an end
Pierce County Deputies Shoot and Kill Armed Suspect Overnight in the 24900 block of 144th Avenue East in the Graham area1 year ago
Pierce County Deputies Shoot and Kill Armed Suspect Overnight in the 24900 block of 144th Avenue East in the Graham area
1 year ago
Shooting at a party in Reno under investigation
The flagship Apple Store of Chicago was looted chicago riots
Police said the juveniles, including the shooting suspect, fled the scene in a white Acura and remain at large.
House fire in La Jolla. firefighters telling 2 people are still unaccounted for.
No one hurt in Bloomington house fire. crews responded to the area of East 83rd Street and Second Avenue South at about 4 a.m. Monday.
Two female teens are in the hospital suffering from gunshot wounds. The shooting happened shortly after 1 a.m. Monday morning in the 5000 block of D St. SE D.C. victims are 14 and 16 years old.
@SDFD tells only two of the four people that live in this home in La Jolla were able to escape from this burning home. Two remain unaccounted for. House has collapsed multiple times. It's a defensive fight right now.
1 year ago
Police: Juvenile in custody, accused of crashing into 2 houses during a police pursuit in Sidney early Monday
Man killed, another injured when someone started shooting in front of the NW Atl Norris Pl home. Police asking for public's help ID'ing the gunman.
APD searching for suspect in shooting that sent a person to the hospital. call for a robbery on Richmond Circle in southeast Atlanta.
Looting 4100 W Monroe Chicago, Illinois
Looting 11600 S Marshfield Chicago,Illinois
Crews are using multiple boats to search the Ohio River near Owensboro. A 20-year-old man is missing. Police say he was 1 of 5 people on board a boat that began to take on water around 2 AM
Crews are responding to a structure fire to a mobile home in the 11500 block of Wingate Rd N.E34 is on scene advising heavy fire showing. more crews are en route
Des Moines Woman Arrested, 5 Juveniles detained in drive-by shooting involving BB Gun in the area of Drake University
OFD has responded to 3 Commercial Fires this morning. The 1st Fire was at 2300 block of 9th Ave SW ;Cambridge Ct Apts) at 2:59 am, the 2nd at 1800 block of 9th Ave SW (Hidden Creek Church) at 3:39 am, and the 3rd at 900 Fern St SW (Fern Crest Apt) at 4:17 am
Smashed windows at CVS at LaSalle and Kinzie Chicago security guard shot in the building.
Thousands without power amid overnight storm
1 year ago
Fire heavily damages Adirondack home of Rachael Ray. on Chuckwagon Trail in Lake Luzerne
1 year ago
Khamenei: Imam Musa al-Kadhim (pbuh) dedicated his whole life to SacredJihad. This meant: first, expounding on pure Islam and the correct interpretation of the Quran; second, elaborating on the issue of Imamate and political governance; and third, endeavoring to establish such a society
Heading down Oak to Michigan. Giorgio Armani Chicago
Detectives aren't getting much help from people at NW Atl house party where 2 men were shot, one of them fatally. Police don't have a motive or suspect description for the crime.
Riots and looting overnight in Chicago. This parking lot is covered with trash after looters hit several stores in this strip mall area, including Best Buy.
One person was killed and several others were injured in a crash Sunday in northwest suburban Crystal Lake.​
North and Cicero looting, Burberry's and also a strip mall 4900 W North
Fatal Hit & Run: Streets are still blocked off on N. Union St. No arrests made.
SHOOTING: Around 12:00 a.m. 700 Block of T St. N.W. Approx. 56 Y/M with single gunshot to the back. He is at a local hospital
1 year ago
A new round of Russian-U.S. consultations on strategic stability will take place on August 16-18 in Vienna. -Deputy Foreign Minister of the Russian Federation Sergey Ryabkov.
Detectives still investigating scene at Lake and Michigan. No description of getaway car from police yet.
Monday morning as jewelry stores are smashed open — jewelers boxes, blood stains and a jewelry district turned upside down overnight.
Police Activity Manchester Area of the Hartford Road Cafe Fight car struck a fire hydrant as well reported as a fight that escalated into a shooting unknown extent of injuries
Firefighters in La Jolla are responding to an overnight house fire, where neighbors reported hearing windows exploding
A woman is dead, a man is injured, after a head on collision on Grand River just west of Wyoming. A car club, witnessed the accident and try to help
GreecePoliceNY confirm a woman died early Monday after she drove into a pole on Mt Read Blvd. She was thrown from her car, which overturned several times. She died at the scene.
1 year ago
Police say three men in their 20s were shot last night while standing outside in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn
Driver crashes through guardrail, over retaining wall then flees the scene, police say
A woman is dead after crashing into a telephone pole in Greece
All bridges heading into downtown except for Lasalle are up. State Police checking ID's again to get access downtown on expressways. Streets and San trucks blocking many roads. CPD confirming looting is still "not contained."
23-year-old man found dead in Jersey City apartment with multiple lacerations to body
Night 73: Riot declared, officers injured by fireworks. at least 16 people were arrested
Officers were arresting looters when someone in a car heading south on Michigan Ave. started shooting at officers. Don’t know how many people were in the car. Officers shot back. No officers injured. Police don’t know if anyone in the car was wounded.
Evansville Police are investigating a shooting on Wall Street and Evans Avenue that sent one man to the hospital early Monday morning
Bodycam footage shows police officers fatally shooting man holding knife to hostage's throat in Salt Lake City
The Apple Store at North Ave and Clybourn Ave was damaged early Monday during the widespread looting reported throughout Chicago
Police are investigating a double shooting on Channingway Boulevard that happened early Monday morning
71 S Wacker: a call of an arson in progress, caller says a male is trying to set the T-Mobile store on fire. Chicago
Body found on fire near JBSA-Lackland Training Annex. the victim on fire in the grass behind the access road.
Three people sent to hospital after big rig crashes into car on Palo Alto Road and Mission Gate on the South Side.
Armed man who was shooting at police first between. as they was called to a scene of a man with a gun
Police arrest host after breaking up 300 person party in Howell, New Jersey
One person was injured in a shooting on Moorman's Arm Road overnight. Metro Police are investigating
1 year ago
2.2 magnitude earthquake. 16 mi from PineMountainClub, CA, United States
Police confirm officer involved shooting. They say shots were fired at police, who then returned fire. No officers injured; unknown if suspect injured
Walgreens on Michigan Ave Chicago, Illinois
Heard several shots fired this morning near Garland and Lake. Eyewitness tells policemen tried to get looters out of a 711 and a car drove by and started shooting. Police investigating
Clark & Roosevelt - Reports of active looting. Chicago, Illinois
1 year ago
4 men shot outside northeast Houston gas station in the 9700 block of Homestead at the ‘Fastmart & Fuel’ Chevron station.
3 people were shot late last night a few blocks away from busy 7th Avenue. 2 flown to a Pittsburgh hospital, 1 taken by ambulance
111 W Kinzie Battalion 1 reporting an attempted carjacking 3rd floor of the garage, the car is crashed Chicago
Here's the scene at Cane Run Rd. @LMPD has the street closed for a shooting investigation.
Police have taped off the area between Medimount Dr and Rosecroft Dr. RGE crews on scene say the driver hit a utility pole. They are asking morning commuters to find alternative routes as they investigate the crash. The identity of the driver has not been released
House damaged by fire in Hermitage in the 800 block of South Hermitage Road.1 year ago
House damaged by fire in Hermitage in the 800 block of South Hermitage Road.
Division & State St - The CVS is being looted. Chicago, Illinois
441 N Clark: person shot. it's a security guard, EMS is rolling. Chicago
2 men are in the hospital and a neighborhood is roped off by investigators in the 9600 block of Price Park Road. That’s in Mandarin.
Looting, property damage reported on Mag Mile
SWAT officers at Grand/Rush Chicago, Illinois
Shots fired, 19 rounds heard at 11732 S Michigan. Shots fired, 7 rounds heard at 21 E 117th St.
Roads are blocked off on Mt. Read Blvd in Greece just north of 104. RGE and Police are on scene. Crews on scene tell a person has died.
Security guard at 441 N clark has been shot Chicago, Illinois
House fire on 2nd Ave. Crews on scene have the fire under control and are working on overhaul
Police are investigating a double shooting on Price Park Dr.
Man Shot At Ramada Inn In Hammond, Indiana. police responded to the Ramada Inn at 4141 Calumet Ave. and found a 20-year-old man shot four times.
Looting Nordstrom Rack Chicago, Illinois 101 E Chicago Avenue
Outside the Tesla dealership off Rush Street Chicago, Illinois
Firefighters worked quickly to advance hose lines when flames engulfed a home in the 3500 block of Tupelo Trail in Auburn on Sunday night1 year ago
Firefighters worked quickly to advance hose lines when flames engulfed a home in the 3500 block of Tupelo Trail in Auburn on Sunday night
They are looting Portillo's @portilloshotdog and Walgreens. no police at all! hundreds of looters
1 person shot at intersection west of downtown Durham at the intersection of Jackson Street and Underwood Avenue
When about 2-3 dozen protesters regrouped after a riot-line push through Kenton park, they were again targeted for arrest and the riot declaration was reiterated, this time for a small group standing and chanting on the sidewalk by PPA
3:18 am. Chicago State Street. Looters trying to break open cash registers.
Firefighters responded to a house fire in the 3500 block of Tupelo Trail NE in Auburn late Sunday night. Working smoke alarms alerted the occupants who were safely outside when firefighters arrived. No injuries reported1 year ago
Firefighters responded to a house fire in the 3500 block of Tupelo Trail NE in Auburn late Sunday night. Working smoke alarms alerted the occupants who were safely outside when firefighters arrived. No injuries reported
1 person killed, 1 hurt in east Columbus shooting. Officers say the survivor was treated and released from the hospital. No suspect information or details surrounding the shooting have been given.
3 people shot in Beaver Falls. Police are working to track down a suspect.
Tesla store Chicago 901 N Rush Street. Some broken windows
Looting Tesla in Chicago Illinois
Car slams into historic Boathouse Row. Does not look like there is any structural damage to Penn A.C.
205 W 87th St: they looted Dress Code. Chicago
Walton and Michigan. need cars people looting And Wabash and Grand too for good measure
Racine police are investigating a homicide that happened near Douglas Street and High Street
1 year ago
A baby is among 7 injured after car crashes into Mennonite horse and buggy
3 people shot in Beaver Falls, 2 taken by medical helicopter. crew at the scene on 14th Street could seen the third person being put on a stretcher and taken away by ambulance
Riots Near chicago & wabash Chicago, Illinois
Buffalo Police are investigating two overnight shooting incidents 2500 block of Delaware Avenue outside of Kelly’s Korner bar.
4 people shot, 2 dead in 2 overnight shootings off at a fire station on Manslick Road, at Anna Lane
1 killed, off-duty officer among 5 injured in shooting at #1 Stunnas Motorcycle Club in Birmingham.
1 year ago
4.1 magnitude earthquake. 46 km from SandPoint, AK, United States
555 W Roosevelt - Looters back inside Best Buy Chicago, Illinois
Gas team at 900 N Michigan Chicago, Illinois
Fire at Hurwich Farms in South Bend, Indiana
South Bend Fire on scene at Hurwhich Farms Apartments after an apartment caught fire
Hartford Ct working fire. 44 Brown St 8/10/20 at 02:15. @HFDFireDept
Saginaw and Michigan State Police investigating shooting on the 1300 block of West Holland.
The window at Omega, Delaware and Michigan
2 adult males were shot in the area of 6100 Channingway Blvd. An individual transported the 2 victims to Mt. Carmel East Hospital. 1 victim was pronounced deceased. The other victim was treated and released from the hospital. Homicide detectives are on scene and investigating
3500blk of Paris - Occupied two story brick dwelling; fire on the first & second floors. Report of a person trapped. One line deployed. Primary search underway.
Ontario/Wabash Person stabbed, tourniquet applied by Police Chicago
Monroe/Wells: looters with guns are in the AT&T store. Chicago
Wabash/Ontario: person shot in the right arm. Chicago
Shots fired inside the bloomingdale Chicago, Illinois
Homicide Investigation on interstate 65 And 16th st N exit. Public Information Officer is en route
Has fallen, more units Wabash and Ontario, running out the back
In the @Bloomingdales on Ontario Chicago, Illinois
Still 100 people in the @Macys Chicago, Illinois
More Cars Needed At Macy's. Chicago
Pearson & Michigan - At least 30 people looting inside Macy's with more cars pulling up.