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Tornado Warning including Mapleton IA, Ute IA, Rodney IA until 6:30 PM CDT
[email protected]: Statement on House Passage of Kate’s Law and No Sanctuary for Criminals Act.
Tornado Warning including Wynot NE, Fordyce NE, Bow Valley NE until 6:15 PM CDT
Gov statement on request from @realDonaldTrump elections commission
Deputies @HCSOSheriff on perimeter @TampaElectric Big Bend plant - 4 injured @HillsFireRescue "industrial incident" in "rescue" mode
Two low-flying fighter jets make passes over Los Angeles - Apparently practise run for a July 4th show in Dodgers stadium
Senate approved draft "National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018"
Just in: Trump to nominate Senate Armed Services Committee staffer Matt Donovan as the next Under Secretary of the Air Force.
Awaiting arrival ROK President @moonriver365.
[email protected] and @HCSOSheriff on active scene of incident at Big Bend Power Plant. More info to follow
San Antonio police: Shooting has left 2 officers in "very critical" condition
[email protected]: Good news, House just passed KatesLaw. Hopefully Senate will follow.
Intel described Russia hackers discussing how to get emails from @HillaryClinton server and transmit them to Flynn.
GOP operative asked cyber experts to scour hacker forums for Clinton's missing emails.
White House spokesperson on President Trump's tweets this morning: ‘I don’t think’" he went too far.
Tornado Warning including Sergeant Bluff IA, Dakota City NE until 5:00 PM CDT
2nd person being flown to Tampa General Hospital from Big Bend Power Station near Apollo Beach
Chase in New Albany, Indiana
The Senate passed Thursday for a second time a Russia sanctions package that had stalled on Capitol Hill. The Senate has passed a technical correction to its Russia sanctions bill by unanimous consent, making minor changes to the bill to address House concerns that the original language violated the Constitution.
Authorities Respond To 'Major Incident' at Florida TECO Big Bend power plant, Multiple Injuries Reported
[email protected]: "Mattis Says Trump’s Warning Stopped Chemical Weapons Attack In Syria"
Trump is nominating former Texas Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison to be ambassador to NATO
NBC News confirms Susan Rice has agreed to an interview with House Intel; it will not be open and will not be hearing
Police investigate ‘bait and switch’ ring thefts at metro jewelry stores
Convicted child rapist faces up to 134 years in prison.
The suspected marijuana would bring between $12,000 and $16,000 in street value, according to state police.
Boston policeman accused of lying to fly armed
@lisamurkowski: I questioned @EPAScottPruitt on the EPA’s FY18 budget request, discussing issues critical to Alaskans.
US Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross was cut off in the midst of his remarks to a German economic conference
Longer-term projection from CBO: Medicaid spending under Senate GOP health bill would be 35% lower in 2036
@SpeakerRyan: For Kate and Sarah and Grant, these so called “sanctuary cities” weren’t sanctuaries at all. We have a duty to protect our citizens.
[email protected]_JoeManchin: "The only side that I can tell you I'm truly 1000% [on] is the American side."
[email protected]_JoeManchin on President @realDonaldTrump's tweets: "It's uncalled for. Totally uncalled for. We can't stoop to that."
Letter from @WhiteHouse responding to query on tapes is incomplete, say @HouseIntelComm heads.
New CBO federal deficit estimate for 2017 now up to $693 billion (+$134b); tax revenues down $89b. Spending up $45b
In a swipe at his predecessor's energy policies, Pres Trump told energy execs and unions "you've gone through 8 years of hell."
Trump will meet with Putin at the G20 summit in Hamburg - The White House.
@SpeakerRyan: We're about to vote on: ✔ withholding grants from sanctuary cities ✔ toughening the punishments for illegal immigrants who re-enter the US
Parts of JFK International Airport that are being evacuated is not related to terror, the cause is a fire at Panda Express
President Trump: “Since my very first day in office, I have been moving at record pace to cancel” energy regulations
President Trump: “Since my very first day in office, I have been moving at record pace to cancel” energy regulations
Trump says his plan for US energy dominance also includes revitalized nuclear energy production and selling US coal and LNG abroad.
Pres Trump also announces creation of a "new offshore oil and gas leasing programto access vast energy wealth."
[email protected]: "American energy will power our ships, our planes, and our cities. American hands will bend the steel and pour the concrete."
"We will be number one again," in energy concludes @POTUS in speech at @ENERGY.
"We will find it, we will dream it, we will build it," says @POTUS of his energy policy.
New offshore oil and gas leasing program announced. "The golden era of America is now underway," states @POTUS
Applications for export from Lake Charles LNG terminal being approved today by @ENERGY, announces @POTUS
Tornado Warning including Vancleave MS, Big Point MS until 3:45 PM CDT
Expansion of "nuclear sector," announced by @POTUS, speaking now at @ENERGY.
New petroleum pipeline to Mexico approved "that'll go right under the wall," says @POTUS
[email protected]: "There are so many people that say, 'Thank you. You saved the sovereignty of our country."
@NancyPelosi: This is what it looks like when people come together to stand up to a bully. Honored to stand with my colleagues against Trump's sexism.
Pres says he's working to lift "job killing restrictionson domestic energy production." And "finally ended the war on coal."
[email protected]: "We've finally ended the war on coal."
"We've finally ended the war on coal," declares @POTUS pointing out new mine has opened in Pennsylvania, "the first in many, many years."
Whether protests or not "I have to do what's right," says @POTUS
[email protected]: "I'm calling on all lawmakers to put the safety of American families first."
[email protected]: "We cannot have obstruction."
@SpeakerRyan: By shielding criminal illegal immigrants from federal authorities, sanctuary cities are disobeying the law. Plain and simple.
President Trump interrupts his energy speech to talk about “fake news”
Vast energy wealth in US doesn't belong to the government, it belongs to the people, says @POTUS decrying government regulation.
Amb. Haley says she has the "highest confidence" in report concluding that chemical weapon was used in deadly attack in Syria in April.
"We don't want other countries to take away our sovereignty," says @POTUS speaking about "American energy dominance."
Pres Trump calls the two bills "vital to public safety and national security." Promises will rapidly sign them into law.
[email protected]: "What we've learned about fake over the last little while - fake news. @CNN: fake."
"CNNorth Fake," says @POTUS speaking at @Energy to laughter and light applause."
[email protected]: "That's what we're doing: Make America Great Again."
@Energy @SecretaryPerry "he's really a cheerleader," says @POTUS
"We're here today to usher in a new American energy policy," says @POTUS of @Energy, promising "trillions of dollars of wealth."
[email protected]: "I don't like losing, and neither do you folks."
"I don't like losing," says @POTUS
[email protected]: "Gen. Kelly and his whole group - they've gotten rid of 6,000 [MS-13 gang members] so far."
[email protected]: "The House will be voting on KatesLaw The second is the No Sanctuary for Criminals Act."
@RepAdamSchiff: Hats off to @RepBarbaraLee on her amendment to compel a vote on new AUMF. Before Admin takes any further action in Syria, we need to vote.
[email protected]: "You've gone through 8 years of hell you deserve it."
[email protected]: "We have some very big things happening over the next month, probably I can say over the next 8 years."
[email protected]: Join me LIVE with @VP, @SecretaryPerry, @SecretaryZinke and @EPAScottPruitt.
@VP: Since Day 1, @POTUS has taken decisive action to unlock the unlimited potential of America's energy resources.
@VP: Welcome to a new era of Amer. energy, a new era in Amer. energydominance and welcome to an era defined by the pro-energy leadership of @POTUS
[email protected] says being Texas Governor was the greatest job he had, but Energy Secretary "is officially the coolest job I ever had.”
Statement from GOP/DEM House Intel leaders: WH isn't fully complying with request for info about Comey “tapes” and WH response not good enough
Pres Trump has arrived at @ENERGY to announce "energy dominance" initiatives including new pipeline permits and LNG exports.
@realDonaltTrump admin. “removing unnecessary and costly regulatory burdens on domestic energy production," says @WhiteHouse official.
During imminent speech at @ENERGY @POTUS to announce new pipeline permits, expansion of LNG exports and address barriers to coal exports.
[email protected]: Trump 'Acted Like a Human,' Pushed Back on 'Morning
@SpeakerRyan: We must do everything we can to restrict North Korea’s access to dollars to fund terror, nuclear weapons, and missiles. I welcome this action.
Bakersfield, California shooting at 7100 block of Ming Ave: no casualities
Chula Vista, California shooting at 1141 Third Avenue: 1 injured
Burbank, California shooting at 1400 block of Broadway: 1 killed
Victorville, California shooting at 15500 block of Hesperia Rd: 1 killed
Phoenix, Arizona shooting at N 29th Ave and W Taylor St: 1 killed
@lisamurkowski: Stop it! The Presidential platform should be used for more than bringing people down.
[email protected]: "I think the president would love for us all to focus on the legislative agenda a whole lot more."
“The media’s focus on priorities don’t line up with the rest of America,” asserts @SHSanders45.
[email protected]: "None of us are perfect."
[email protected]: "As a person of faith, I think we all have one perfect role model."
Sanders says "the American people elected a fighter," and don't expect Pres Trump to sit back and do nothing when he is attacked.
"When the president gets hit, he’s going to hit back harder, as he did today," says Sanders of Pres Trump's tweets.
“We all have one perfect role model” and "I point to God,” replies @SHSanders45 to further questions about @realDonaldTrump tweets.
“The president was attacked. He responded. I have nothing more to add,” says @SHSanders45.
“Everybody wants to make this an attack on a woman. What about the attacks he receives?” says @SHSanders45.
Sarah Huckabee Sanders on the American people: "They knew what they were getting" when they elected Trump
@POTUS "pushing back against people who attack him day after day after day. Where is the outrage on that?” says @SHSanders45.
Sanders defends @POTUS tweets slamming @Morning_Joe hosts. Says Pres "attacked mercilessly" and "he'll fight fire with fire."
“The president in now way, form or fashion promoted or encouraged violence. Quite the contrary.” — Sarah Huckabee Sanders
@VP: Back at the Capitol this afternoon meeting with several Senators who continue to work hard to repeal and replace Obamacare.
Powerful words from @Madeleine at #DisinfoWeek
“We will continue to put more sanctions on Iran,” says @USTreasury secretary. “We don’t need Congress to tell us to put on more.”
Putin has received former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the Kremlin
“If there are deadlines (@POTUS) is not going to advertise” those on DPRK, says @stevenmnuchin1.
“The safety of the American public is our utmost concern and we’ll never ever put economic issues” ahead of that, states @stevenmnuchin1.
Missouri man charged with kidnapping sister to allegedly stop her wedding
Tax reform a pass/fail exercise, says @stevenmnuchin1.
GOP Senators emerging from lunch meeting - no hints of overall health care deal. Next Senate votes, week of July 10
Two different actions against DPRK weapons of mass destruction today by @USTreasury, clarifies @stevenmnuchin1.
Rob Portman said it "seems reasonable" to keep some of the Obamacare taxes in order to increase financial assistance.
Congress should act quickly, raise the debt ceiling, says @stevenmnuchin1 speaking to @WhiteHouse reporters.
Obamacare “was just a giant tax hike on the economy,” says the @USTreasury secretary.
“Their behavior is unacceptable…we want them to stop doing tests, ballistic missile programs,” @stevenmnuchin1 says of DPRK.
US Treasury seeking to cut off access of Bank of Dandong - acting as conduit for North Korea - to US financial institutions.
Heller also says he's not going to shave his beard until there's a healthcare deal or his wife tells him to.
Will continue to impose very significant sanctions on DPRK until it changes it behavior, says @USTreasury Secretary.
[email protected]: MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN! NoSanctuaryForCriminalsAct KatesLaw SaveAmericanLives
@NancyPelosi: House Democratic women are taking a stand against @realDonaldTrump’s sexism.
"We are all 100 percent committed to getting tax reform done," says @USTreasury Secretary.
“No decisions have been made in regards to the Fed chair,” says @USTreasury secretary.
@USTreasury secretary declines to call China an “enabler” for DPRK WMD programs.
"We will follow the money and cut off the money," says Mnuchin of "external enablers” for North Korea such as Bank of Dandong.
“I don’t think the president is giving up in any sense,” in getting China to pressure DPRK, says @USTreasury Secretary Mnuchin.
"This is the first bank that we cut off" under these sanctions, says @USTreasury secretary.
@NancyPelosi: In a short time, I will joining House Democratic women to respond to @realDonaldTrump’s sexist attack on @morningmika earlier today.
“We have very specific intelligence” that led to the sanctions against the DPRK bank, adds @stevemnuchin1.
@RepAdamSchiff: Wish @realDonaldTrump spent as much time doing his job as he does bullying female TV hosts. Unpresidential, offensive and childish.
“We are in no way targeting China” by also sanctioning Chinese nationals and companies for DPRK links, adds @stevemnuchin1.
Action ensures "North Korea cut off from the US financial system,” says @stevemnuchin1.
DPRK Dandong Bank being sanctioned by @USTreasury
Crescent City, California shooting at Lafayette Way: 2 injured
Top aides say Pres Trump will use G20 to explain US withdrawal from Paris Climate deal, but say he's open to new agreement if right for US.
Also at G20, Pres Trump to have pull-asides with Merkel, May, Abe, Moon, Xi and other world leaders in Hamburg.
“Very amicable discussions with IMF going on,” says a senior @WhiteHouse official at background briefing.
WH officials say no agenda set for Trump/Putin meeting, but US objectives include confronting Russia's destabilizing behavior incl cyber.
“We look forward to engaging in free and fair trade with the G20 economies” but there are “massive distortions” in the global steel market
“We will act to ensure a level playing field for all,” warns sr. @WhiteHouse official.
@POTUS looks forward to discussing with other G20 leaders his decision to leave ParisAgreement, says US official.
“America first doesn’t mean America alone,” says a senior @WhiteHouse official.
Senior @WhiteHouse officials say they can’t yet characterize the planned encounter between @POTUS and Putin at G20.
“Nobody wants a major power war,” says sr. @WhiteHouse official speaking about tense US relations with Russia.
In Poland @POTUS to speak to 12 central European, Baltic and Balkan leaders and “will give a major speech to the Polish people.”
During Europe trip @POTUS to work to combat “attempts by revisionist powers to subvert the global order,” says sr. @WhiteHouse official.
Heller: "my position has not changed one way or the other." Adds he's had "good meetings" on ACA repeal
Late July/early August trip scheduled by @VP to Estonia, Georgia and Montenegro.
Trump to meet Putin on sidelines of G20 in Germany: White House
Sen James Lankford R-OK: "The President's tweets today don't help our political or national discourse"
President Trump to meet with Russian President Putin at the G20 Summit in Germany next week, National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster says.
[email protected]: @realDonaldTrump's tweets today are sexist, an assault on the freedom of the press and an insult to all women. Apologize!
VP Pence announces Chief of Staff Josh Pitcock stepping down Aug 1 to be succeeded by former campaign chair Nick Ayers.
Kenosha, Wisconsin shooting at 4900 block of 14th Avenue: 1 injured
Milwaukee, Wisconsin shooting at 29th and Vine: 1 injured
San Antonio, Texas shooting at 900 block of Merida St: 1 injured
Saint Paul, Minnesota shooting at 1400 block of 7th St E: no casualities
San Antonio, Texas shooting at Evergreen and Howard: 1 killed, 2 injured
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 1100 block of N Lockwood: 2 injured
Memphis, Tennessee shooting at 1900 block of Clifton Ave: 2 injured
[email protected]: Today, the House votes on two crucial bills: ☑️NoSanctuaryForCriminalsAct ☑️KatesLaw ☑️Pass these bills & lets MAKE AMERICA SAFE AGAIN
@NancyPelosi: There are serious questions to be asked after the GOP's poor record over the last 6 months. When will they get to work?
@NancyPelosi: The fight to stop Trumpcare is not over – we will stand strong for American families.
Chief of staff for @VP being replaced, according to @nytimes.
GOP Sen. Susan Collins tells that Trump’s tweets were completely inappropriate and uncivil
Sen. Dianne Feinstein: “I’m appalled. This is the President of the United States. You don’t do things like that. You don’t attack women.”
@NancyPelosi: At 12:30 pm ET, I will be speaking live from the Capitol about the fight to stop Trumpcare and the need to Protect Our Democracy.
"This isn't normal": GOP lawmakers to President Trump: Stop these personal attacks
Cruz after Trump attacked his wife on Twitter: "Donald, real men don't attack women."
@VP: The bill in the Senate will RepealAndReplace Obamacare and sets us on a path to a healthcare system built on freedom, choice and affordability
Lindsey Graham on Trump: "Tweets like this are inconsistent with the greatness of the country and the office."
McConnell on Senate floor re: GOP health care negotiations: "We've made good progress and we'll keep working"
Wilmington, Delaware shooting at Rysing and South Cannon: 1 injured
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at Arunah Avenue and North Bentalou Street: 1 killed
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at 2200 block of Christian St: 1 killed
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at 3400 block of Garrison Blvd: 1 injured
Miami, Florida shooting at 69 NE 62nd St: no casualities
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at 300 block of South Fulton Avenue: 1 injured
Gainesville, Florida shooting at 2841 SW 37th Pl: 1 killed
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 2600 block of Stanton Road SE: 1 injured
Deltona, Florida shooting at 2001 Saxon Blvd: 1 killed
Deerfield Beach, Florida shooting at 1700 S Powerline Rd: 1 killed
Jacksonville, Florida shooting at 6550 103rd St: 1 killed
Akron, Ohio shooting at 1614 Merriman Rd: 2 injured
Saint Joseph, Missouri shooting at S 14th St and Lafayette St: no casualities
Evansville, Indiana shooting at 1100 block of South Villa Dr: 1 injured
Mobile (Prichard), Alabama shooting at Timothy Avenue: 2 injured
Mobile (Prichard), Alabama shooting at Timothy Avenue: 2 injured
Indianapolis, Indiana shooting at W 23rd and Aqueduct: 1 killed
Cleveland, Ohio shooting at 12000 block of Holborn Ave: 1 injured
Cleveland, Ohio shooting at 15400 block of Grovewood Ave: 1 injured
Atlanta, Georgia shooting at Sells Avenue and Peeples Street: 1 killed
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at 1500 block of Myrtle: 3 injured
Baltimore, Maryland shooting at Edmonson Ave: 1 injured
Ryan: "We're still on schedule and on track with our agenda we still have the summer to work on health care"
U.S. House speaker Ryan says Senate has to pass bill on Russia sanctions again to resolve constitutional violations
Ryan: "What we're trying to do around here is improve the tone, the civility, of the debate; and this obviously doesn't help do that"
@VP: Obamacare’s collapsing, and this failed policy is taking working families down with it. RepealAndReplace
[email protected]: "If you're going to receive taxpayer dollars from the federal govt to keep people safe, you've got to follow the law."
Speaker Ryan asked about Trump's Mika tweets: "Obviously I don't see that as an appropriate comment"
"Obviously I don't see that as an appropriate comment," @SpeakerRyan says of Trump tweet on Mika.
[email protected]_Labrador: "Some people on the other side want to turn this country into the countries that [illegal immigrants] are fleeing from."
Republican Sen. James Lankford, in statement on Trump's tweets, notes political rhetoric after the shooting attack on members of Congress
[email protected] on the impending vote for both Kate's law and a sanctuary city bill: "We look forward to their passage in the House today."
"When our immigration laws are properly enforced, all of the types of crimes we're talking about here are entirely avoidable."@RepGoodlatte
@SenatorLankford On the President's tweets this morning
DHS Secretary Kelly on hand at Speaker's press conference to talk about House immigration bills up for vote today
Sec. John Kelly: "We will no longer look the other way."
Sec. Kelly: "@POTUS has been clear that our borders are not open to illegal immigration, that we are a nation of laws."
@SpeakerRyan: This afternoon, the House will take action on two initiatives to keep Americans safe.
Sec. John Kelly: "Sanctuary cities make our communities less safe."
[email protected]: Sanctuary cities are putting lives at risk and we cannot tolerate that.
A room full of "wow"s after @HouseAppropsGOP adopted this AUMF repeal amendment by @RepBarbaraLee
[email protected]: "He should not have been here and [KateSteinle] should not have died."
"Not presidential," says @SenJohnMcCain, who adds he is embarrassed by the @realDonaldTrump tweets.
Sarah Sanders explains that Trump tweeted what he did because bullying is bad
The @NewYorker's daily cartoon
[email protected]: "The American people have spoken on this many times. They know that ObamaCare is failing."
@SenSanders: The Republicans' disgraceful "health care" bill would do devastating harm to the people of West Virginia and the rest of the United States.
@SenatorCollins: This has to stop – we all have a job – 3 branches of gov’t and media. We don’t have to get along, but we must show respect and civility.
US, NATO allies wrangle over troop levels in Afghanistan
McCain on Trump's Tweets this morning: "It's hard to understand, and not presidential"
[email protected]: "I think off-camera briefings tend to have a lot more substance than on-camera."
[email protected]: "This is a president who fights fire with fire and certainly will not be allowed to be bullied by liberal media."
Baltimore: Shooting, Arunah and Bentlou. Condition of victim unclear
GOP senators: Trump's "Morning Joe" attacks are beneath the dignity of his office
[email protected] on Russian interference in the election: "our focus is looking how we can maintain voter integrity."
[email protected] on @Morning_Joe: "I've seen far worse things come out of that show."
[email protected]: "I don't think that @POTUS's ever been someone who gets attacked and doesn't push back."
[email protected] on Syria possibly using chemical weapons: "this behavior is not acceptable."
[email protected]: "We want to make sure that we protect ourselves and that we're not vulnerable as much as possible."
[email protected]: "We support voter ID laws and protecting our system across the board."
[email protected]: "Never underestimate this president."
[email protected] on Syria: "@POTUS has made very clear his intentions and certainly that this behavior is not acceptable."
[email protected] on passing health care: "We're committed to making this happen."
[email protected]: "[@POTUS] is continuing to make calls, do meetings, and work with Senators We know that there needed to be some changes."
[email protected]: "ObamaCare is simply collapsing around us It's something that we can't allow to continue."
DNC comments on Trump's twitter attack
GOP Rep. Tom Reed on Trump's Mika Brzezinski tweets: "Maybe the intent is to distract from the health care debate"
Statement from MSNBC on the president's tweets this morning
Albuquerque: Shooting near 2nd Street and Hilton Avenue. Someone possibly shot in the face. When police arrived, they found a body. Another person at the scene was taken to the hospital
Paraguayan man linked to Hezbollah faces drug charges in Miami
[email protected]: Disinformation is a threat that's broader than one party, one president, one nation
Ridgeville, South Carolina shooting at 200 block of Varner Ridge Lane: 1 injured
"Coalitions like the ones built by @AtlanticCouncil are crucial" - @senrobportman
EU leaders gathered in Berlin to present a united front ahead of next week's G20. French President praises EU in times of Trump, Putin
Schiff: If Trump doesn't act on threat Russia poses, he could be derelict in his duty to protect the United States
Incredible Tornado in Prairieburg, Iowa Jun 28
Paterson: A 24-year-old Wayne man was wounded in an early Thursday morning shooting that followed a physical altercation
Portland: Shooting in north city that damaged a TriMet bus and a parked car. Reports of gunfire at the intersection of N. Lombard Street and Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.
Republican Rep. Pete King on health care bill: "It's wrong to pass something for the sake of passing it"
Columbus, Ohio shooting at 3140 E Main St: 1 killed, 1 injured
EU only place where multilateralism trumps protectionism French President @EmmanuelMacron tells EU G20 presser
[email protected]: New Sugar deal negotiated with Mexico is a very good one for both Mexico and the U.S. Had no deal for many years which hurt U.S. badly.
West Palm Beach: Woman dies after being shot in home near Santaluces
Fort Worth: One person was wounded in a shooting during a fight at a Fort Worth bar. Fight broke out between a group of regular customers and a group of first timers at 40s & Shortys in the 3900 block of East Belknap Street
Providence: Police investigating after 27-year-old man shot several times on June Street. Injuries appear serious
Lafayette: Shooting that left two teenagers injured. Scene in the 100 block of Sternberg Drive. Two black male victims, ages 17 and 18, were transported to a local hospital after suffering non-threatening gunshot wounds
Chicago: Two women were killed in a drive-by shooting in the Washington Park. It happened near 53rd and Wabash. The women were in a car, driving north, when someone in another car opened fire on them
Phoenix: Fatal shooting in Tolleson
Orlando: A shooting victim drove to a Taco Bell in Orange County, where he called 911. The shooting was reported at the West Oaks Apartments off Colonial Drive
Sacramento: A man died and a woman was wounded. The victims were taken to the hospital after they were shot. The 22-year-old man later died. The 19-year-old woman's condition was stabilized at the hospital
Paterson: The victim has a gunshot wound to the leg
Indianapolis: 45 year old male shot and killed in officer-involved shooting on the city's west side, 26 year old female in custody
Memphis: One person is in the hospital following an overnight shooting in the 900 block of Lenow Park Dr. at the College Park Apartments
Jacksonville: A man was shot to death at the Windy Pine Apartments. The 28-year-old man was found in front of his home suffering from multiple gunshot wounds
Riviera Beach: Shooting occurred in the 1500 block of West Blue Heron Blvd. across from a KFC restaurant
League City: Police are seeking a man for questioning after a female was wounded in a shooting
Washington D.C.: Fatal shooting in the 800 blk of 46th St. NE. Man pronounced dead at scene
Brookhaven: Police working a shooting, now, at the Chevron station at North Druid Hills Road near I-85
Erie: Shooting that sent one man to the hospital. Report of gunfire at a home along East 20th street, near Whitley Avenue
Indianapolis: Officer involved shooting on the northwest side. Police pursuit ending at 23rd and Acqueduct
Akron: Double shooting at BP at Merriman and Portage Path in the Valley. Makes six shot and 1 dead
Grandview Heights: 1 person killed. 1 person hurt in a shooting near James and E. Main. Intersection shut down
West Palm Beach: shooting in The Vineyards near Santalcues High school
“NATO is important for Europe but it’s also important for the US” - @jensstoltenberg
Dayton: police evidence crew is processing a residence in the 400 block of West Hillcrest Avenue where a male wounded in a shooting said he had been a kidnapping victim
Norfolk: One person was taken to the hospital with non-life threatening injuries. The shooting happened in the 300 block of Dunkirk Avenue.
Washington: Shooting in the 800 block of 46th Street, North East
Chicago places "Real Fake" sculpture in front of Trump Tower
Tornado Warning including Karval CO until 11:45 PM MDT
Tornado Warning including Cheyenne County, CO until 11:45 PM MDT
Tornado Warning including Karval CO until 11:15 PM MDT
Tornado Warning including Kit Carson County, CO until 11:15 PM MDT
Tornado Warning including Lincoln County, CO until 11:00 PM MDT
St. Louis: Fatal shooting that happened in the 3500 block of Candlebrook Court. When officers arrived, they found a man who had been shot, believed to be in his mid-40s in the driveway of a condo complex
Los Angeles: Fatal officer involved shooting in Westlake District
Tornado Warning including Trenton MO, Jamesport MO, Coffey MO until 10:30 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including La Plata MO, Gibbs MO, Elmer MO until 10:15 PM CDT
[email protected]: Tomorrow the House votes on KatesLaw & No Sanctuary For Criminals Act. Lawmakers must vote to put American safety first! SaveAmericanLives
Tornado Warning including Albany MO, Stanberry MO, Darlington MO until 9:15 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Maquoketa IA, Savanna IL, Bellevue IA until 9:15 PM CDT
Miami-Dade: One person was killed and two others were injured in a shooting outside a corner store at Northwest 22nd Avenue and Northwest 66th Street
Nikki Haley: "Just 5 months into our time here, we've cut over half a billion $$$ from the UN peacekeeping budget and we’re only getting started.”
Tornado Warning including Spickard MO, Galt MO, Tindall MO until 8:15 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Bethany MO, Ridgeway MO, New Hampton MO until 8:00 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Dubuque IA, Asbury IA, Cascade IA until 8:15 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Newtown MO, Ravanna MO, Pollock MO until 8:00 PM CDT
Savannah-Chatham: Shooting near the intersection of Augusta Avenue and Brittany Street
Samsung's investment plan will create about 1,000 new jobs in the U.S. by 2020
[email protected] on health care meeting with @POTUS: "There's a breakthrough idea...Separate this into two bills." TheStory
Pres. Trump has arrived at his DC business for his re-election campaign fundraising event
[email protected]: ChuckSchumer 'Doesn't Seem Like a Serious Person' | Read more:
Senate draft of NDAA bans use of Kaspersky products by DoD due to reports company "might be vulnerable to Russian govt influence"
Mandatory Evacuations Ordered While Firefighters Battle Brush Fire Threatening Burbank Homes
Tornado Warning including Knoxville IA, Pleasantville IA, Sandyville IA until 6:30 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Sheridan MO, Parnell MO, Pickering MO until 6:15 PM CDT
Scene as residents flee homes in Burbank as fire burns
Fire fighters battling flames in Burbank fire
Tornado Warning including Saint Charles IA, Truro IA, Lorimor IA until 6:15 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Lancaster WI, Fennimore WI, Montfort WI until 6:15 PM CDT
[email protected]: From my first day in office, we’ve taken swift action to lift the crushing restrictions on American energy. Remarks:
Tornado Warning including Hertel WI until 6:00 PM CDT
As flames come within inches from a home in Glendale, watch a helicopter drop a bunch of water in an effort to put it out.
3 shot, 1 fatally in Montgomery, Alabama
Louisiana State Police: 3 dead, including 2-year-old, after police chase ends in crash in New Orleans East
@SenSanders: If one person loses their insurance because of the Republican health care plan, that's too many. But 22 million? That’s an abomination.
Nashville police: Inmate dead, deputy critical after shooting at a clinic
@SpeakerRyan: Soon patients, not lawyers, will be able to keep more of the money awarded for damages.
At today's briefing, @SHSanders45 provided tick-tock leading to WH statement warning Syria against another chemical weapons attack:
Tornado Warning including Spring Valley WI, Elmwood WI, Wilson WI until 5:15 PM CDT
@VP: We will create a dynamic national health-insurance market with lower costs, higher quality, and more choices for working families.
Tornado Warning including Waukee IA, Earlham IA, De Soto IA until 5:00 PM CDT
[email protected]: Democrats purposely misstated Medicaid under new Senate bill - actually goes up.
Tornado Warning including Greenfield IA, Orient IA, Macksburg IA until 5:00 PM CDT
@VP: Here in Ohio, ObamaCare has spiked premiums on the individual market by nearly 90% in the past few years and it’s only getting worse. VPinOH
Tornado Warning including Corning IA, Prescott IA, Carbon IA until 4:45 PM CDT
Police release photo of man accusing officer of excessive force
@SpeakerRyan:...The House just passed the Protecting Access to Care Act to help rein in the rising cost of health care through litigation reform.
Fmr NATO Amb. on Russia: "I find it dismaying and objectionable that Pres. Trump continues to deny the undeniable."
President Trump compliments female reporter's "nice smile" during call with Irish prime minister
[email protected]: Today, I hosted an immigration roundtable ahead of two votes taking place in Congress tomorrow. Watch and read more:
Tornado Warning including Clarinda IA, Essex IA, Yorktown IA until 4:45 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Earlham IA, Dexter IA until 4:45 PM CDT
[email protected]: It was my great honor to welcome the 2016 World Series Champion Chicago @Cubs ⚾️ to the @WhiteHouse this afternoon. Congratulations!
"Human chain" around Capitol beginning to form. Bulk of it appears to be Planned Parenthood supporters
Trump says his immigration actions are 'liberating towns' from gangs
Police: Kenosha man who died during robbery was 'scared to death'
NSA Director Mike Rogers expressed frustration to lawmakers about his inability to convince the President to accept US intelligence.
WH has taken little action to stop next election hack by Russia
GOP Sen. Bill Cassidy: "Trump voters" need coverage
President Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea greets Marine veterans of the Korean War at the @MarineMuseum.
White House provides readout of VP Mike Pence's organizational call with voting commission, previews next steps.
Trump promises "rapid signature" for bill to cut federal funds to sanctuary communities and to expand penalties for criminal illegal aliens.
@SenSanders: Any Republican who votes for the health care bill should be ashamed. They are voting to throw their constituents off insurance.
@SpeakerRyan: Met with Secretary General @AntonioGuterres to discuss @UN reform efforts and our priorities in the interest of US national security.
Enhanced security measures ordered for all commercial flights to US. aviation [email protected]
Anchorage, Alaska shooting at 100 block of Grand Larry Street: no casualities
Officials are finalizing the rules of Trump's revived travel ban for visitors from six mostly-Muslim nations
In Cabinet Room, Pres Trump heard tearful stories from families of loved ones murdered by illegal aliens.
Jason Chaffetz is exchanging his House committee chairmanship for a role on Fox News
DHS mandates new security measures for foreign flights headed directly to US, Sec. Kelly announces
Sen. Bernie Sanders defends his wife, Jane Sanders, from bank fraud allegations over a $10M loan application in 2013
DHS Secretary Kelly on new airline security rules: "Our enemies are adaptive, and we have to be adaptive as well"
Sen @RandPaul says he spoke at GOP lunch about how he wants to change bill. Q: How was it received?Ra nd: "Not very well, lead balloon"
@SpeakerRyan: An honor to welcome @QueenRania to the Capitol to discuss the work of @theIRC and Jordan's stabilizing presence in the region.
Tonight's Trump Campaign/RNC event at the Trump Hotel to raise $10-million. 300 donors paying $35,000 per. Closed to press coverage.
@SenSanders: Instead of throwing 22M Americans off health care, we should join the rest of the industrialized world and guarantee health care as a right.
San Jose, California shooting at 1000 block of Creston Ln: 1 killed, 1 injured
Oakland, California shooting at 8916 International Blvd: 1 injured
"They wanted to be here with Trump," said the president, explaining why he was repeating a @Cubs visit hosted by Pres Obama in January.
Pres Trump dismissed @SenSchumer's call for a meeting with all 100 Senators: "I don't think he's serious." Again called ObamaCare a disaster.
Pres Trump dismissed @SenSchumer's call for a meeting with all 100 Senators: "I don't think he's serious." Again called ObamaCare a disaster.
Rep. Charlie Dent (R-PA): "I get the sense that this issue (health care) is not maybe the presidents wheelhouse."
Pres Trump interrupted Cubs meeting to tell reporters "we're going to have a great great surprise" on healthcare. He didn't elaborate.
Sanders says they aren't letting press into Trump fundraiser tonight bc "it's a political event and they’ve chosen to keep that separate."
Sanders, asked about Trump's AmazonWashingtonPost tweet: "I'd have to check on that, I haven't had a chance to talk to him" about it.
“We have seen obstruction like never before.” says @SHSanders45 of unfilled administration positions (although many nominees yet named).
In the off-camera press briefing, Sarah Huckabee Sanders just said the White House "had a great day yesterday."
In meeting today with the Chicago @Cubs, Pres Trump gets himself a team jersey and tile with his presidential number from Wrigley Field.
"He's done a lot of talking, bad talking. He just doesn't seem like a serious person," Pres. Trump says of Sen. Schumer during Cubs visit
Sarah Sanders declines to address Manafort retroactively registering as a foreign agent on the specious grounds she can't speak for campaign
Sarah Sanders declines to address Manafort retroactively registering as a foreign agent on the specious grounds she can't speak for campaign
“Of course he’s running for re-election,” says @SHSanders45 when asked about the RNC dinner tonight at Trump Int’l Hotel.
Thousands of Ohioans know how disastrous the Republican "health care" bill would be for their state.
Trump: “Health care is working along very well … big surprise … I think you’re gonna have a great, great surprise. It’s gonna be great.”
@SpeakerRyan: My Nordic and Baltic counterparts and I are determined to work together toward a more safe and secure future for this generation and the next.
@POTUS “speaking directly to the American people is always a good thing” including through Twitter, says @SHSanders45.
Syria “was preparing a major chemical attack,” says @SHSanders45.
@SHSanders45 tells reporters that it was Trump's idea to issue the warning statement on Syria.
“Action that the US took was successful,” says @SHSanders45 of warning to Syria about chemical weapons attacks.
Sarah Sanders begins her portion of this *off-camera* briefing by hoping TV networks adequately cover prior comments on sanctuary cities.
Estimated ~11-12 million illegal aliens in US (not 30 mil. as @realDonaldTrump said during campaign), according to @ICEgov director.
@ICEgov director Homan: “The more we endorse the non-enforcement of immigration law, we bankroll” smuggling organizations.
@NancyPelosi: We're going to keep up the fight to ProtectOurCare and SaveMedicaid!
A big “surprise” coming with HealthcareBill predicts @POTUS.
Burr: Senate panel aims to finish Russia probe this year
25-year-old woman struck by multiple vehicles while walking on a major highway in Haltom City
@VaughnHillyard Sen. Portman's staff has requested that US Capitol Police not remove protesters from his Capitol Hill office
@SenSanders: We will not rest until we’re sure Republicans’ immoral, unconscionable "health care” bill never sees the light of day in the Senate.
West Jordan, Utah shooting at 7800 S 2700 W: 2 killed
North Richland Hills, Texas shooting at Loop 820 and NE Blvd 26: 1 injured
Canon City, Colorado shooting at N/A: 1 injured
Denver, Colorado shooting at E Nassau Ave: 1 killed
[email protected] on health care: "I challenge the president: invite us all to Blair House. Let's see what we can come up with."
McCain on GOP agenda: "I don't know what it is"
Chanting "kill the bill, don't kill me" protestors swarm Senate offices protesting GOP healthcare plans.
Charges filed after YouTube gun stunt gone wrong leaves boyfriend
“We do not conduct sweeps, raids, roadblocks” but rather targeted enforcement, explains @ICEgov director.
Before @SHSanders45 now speaking at @WhiteHouse lectern is @ICEgov Director Thomas Homan.
Senate Republicans told to strike health care deal by Friday
And for the off-camera on-the-record @WhiteHouse briefing it’s going to be @SHSanders45 for 2nd day in row, not @PressSec.
Stance of @POTUS on ROK is “there are aspects of the trade relationship that are not in balance,” says sr. @WhiteHouse official.
Trade topics @POTUS likely to raise with @moonriver365: Automobile sales, steel coming to US from China via ROK, official adds.
“It’ll be a friendly, frank discussion” on trade issues, says senior @WhiteHouse official of Friday US-ROK talks here.
“It’ll come up as a routine point of housekeeping,” adds the official speaking on condition not be named.
THAAD won’t be "central point of discussion,” between @POTUS and ROK Pres. @moonriver365, says sr. admin. official briefing reporters.
“There is more plenty more pressure that could be brought to bear on North Korea,” says senior US official.
No TV cameras at today's WH briefing. Still photos okay. June Scoreboard:n On-camera - 6 No camera - 11 No briefings – 3
“We’ll talk with President Moon about the ideas he has for potential future engagement with North Korea,” adds sr. @WhiteHouse official.
US wants to "substantially increase pressure" on DPRK to pave way for talks when it reduces the threat, says sr. @WhiteHouse official.
Pres. Trump’s personal attorneys postpone plan to file complaints with Senate, Justice Dept. against James Comey.
@SenSanders: Sen. Rand Paul and I have very different ideas on providing health care in this country.
House Not Slowing Down on Health Care Reforms via @SpeakerRyan
@SenWarren: @SenateMajLdr still intends to vote on this shameful healthcare bill. CEOs have stayed quiet. They must speak up.
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 4000 Block of W Division: 1 injured
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 11500 Block of S Normal: 1 injured
Milwaukee, Wisconsin shooting at 5600 block of N 94th St: 1 killed, 1 injured
Marrero, Louisiana shooting at 4200 block of Teton St: 1 injured
Shreveport, Louisiana shooting at Jewella Ave and Del Rio St: 3 injured
CBO: House GOP plan would result in 52 million uninsured in 10 years (vs. 28M under Obamacare); Senate plan would leave 49 million uninsured
Nordic-Baltic Speakers met with @SpeakerRyan on Capitol Hill.
House Speaker Paul Ryan claims it's "easier" having a Republican in the White House rather than a Democrat
Asked about Medicaid cuts in Senate health care bill, Pres. Trump tells @jonkarl: "This will be great for everybody"
McConnell is trying to send new health-care revisions to CBO by Friday
Tornado Warning including Gulfport MS, Biloxi MS, Long Beach MS until 12:15 PM CDT
Tornado Warning including Bay Saint Louis MS, Diamondhead MS, Waveland MS until 11:45 AM CDT
Says Senate GOP plan will provide great healthcare at a reasonable cost and get rid of taxes and other "bad parts" of ObamaCare.
Sen Rand Paul R-KY wants 'continuous coverage' plan out - says it's a "Republican version of the individual mandate"
Trump: “tremendous meeting … great, great form of health care … much less expensive for the people … fantastic tribute”
"Confident we can usher in a golden age of energy dominance," says Pres Trump, by lifting "crushing restrictions" on energy development.
Trump: It's "very tough" to get the health care plan approved, but it would be "far better than Obamacare"
National Transportation Safety Board investigating fatal track accident near Union Station in D.C.
"We love Indian Country," Pres Trump tells tribal leaders, committing to help them access the untapped energy resources on their land.
President Donald Trump hosts an energy roundtable with state, local and tribal leaders at the White House
Trump: For too long, the federal government has put up "regulations that put this energy wealth out of reach"
"This will be something really special if we can get it done," adds @POTUS on Healthcare Bill. "This will be a tremendous plan."
"We've given ourselves a little bit more time to make it perfect," says @POTUS on @GOP Senate Healthcare Bill.
Trump says he looks forward to forging a final health care deal: "Essentially it's a repeal and replace"
In photo op, Trump says meeting with GOP Senators went 'very well' - still expresses optimism on reaching a deal
State, local and tribal leaders discussing how to "unleash tremendous energy reserves," says @POTUS.
"We don't want to be energy free, we want to be energy dominant," adds @POTUS.
Energy development on Native American lands has been restricted and vast deposits of coal "have been taking out of your hands," says @POTUS.
High Point, North Carolina shooting at Browntown Ln: no casualities
Cleveland, Ohio shooting at 13900 Kinsman Rd: 1 injured
Birmingham, Alabama shooting at 1300 block of Pike Rd: 1 injured
Montgomery, West Virginia shooting at 1101 Fayette Pike W: 1 injured
Hazelwood, Missouri shooting at 5400 block of Forest Creek Dr: no casualities
Savannah, Georgia shooting at Augusta Ave and Brittany St: 1 injured
Hazelwood, Missouri shooting at 5200 block of Ville Angela Ln: 1 injured
Madison, Illinois shooting at W 2nd and Jefferson: 1 killed
Louisville, Kentucky shooting at East Kentucky St and Hancock St: 1 injured
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania shooting at 6th St and Montgomery Ave: 1 killed
Washington, District of Columbia shooting at 1300 Block of Trinidad Ave: 1 injured
Amesbury, Massachusetts shooting at Kimball Rd: 1 killed
Norfolk, Virginia shooting at 2328 Princess Anne Road: 1 injured
Boston, Massachusetts shooting at Ashmont St: 1 injured
Virginia Beach, Virginia shooting at 1700 College Crescent: no casualities
Dayton, Ohio shooting at N/A: 1 injured
Fort Wayne, Indiana shooting at 400 block of W Masterson Ave: 1 killed
Triangle, Virginia shooting at 4118 Southway Ln: no casualities
Mobile, Alabama shooting at 1500 block of Illinois St: 1 injured
Trenton, New Jersey shooting at N/A: no casualities
Montgomery, Alabama shooting at 100 Block of Garden St: 1 killed, 2 injured
Seaford, Delaware shooting at Rt 13 Alternate and Virginia Ave: 1 injured
Augusta, Georgia shooting at 2617 Deans Bridge Rd: 1 injured
Rochester, New York shooting at Rustic St: no casualities
Brooklyn, New York shooting at 7919 New Utrecht Ave: no casualities
Prattville, Alabama shooting at Cooper Avenue: 1 injured
Bay Saint Louis (Bayside Park), Mississippi shooting at Hancock Drive: 1 injured
Hamlet, North Carolina shooting at 700 King St: 1 killed
Jacksonville, Florida shooting at 5803 Pompano Dr: 1 injured
Ocala, Florida shooting at 13300 Block of SW 86th Ave: 1 injured
Danbury, Connecticut shooting at 199 Main St: no casualities
Lithonia, Georgia shooting at 2843 Panola Road: 1 killed
Sheboygan police: Man arrested, suspected in graffiti vandalism to garage
Sen @RandPaul sends letter to McConnell with his proposed fixes to the health care bill:
At least a dozen employees of @kaspersky questioned by @FBI Tuesday as part of counter-intelligence inquiry, according to @NBCNews sources.
FBI Interviews Employees of Russia-Linked Cyber Security Firm Kasperky Lab
Senators against healthcare bill.
Oakland: A male victim was injured in a shooting in the 8900 block of International Boulevard. A male victim suffered a gunshot wound to his body and was taken to a hospital
Trump accepts Macron invite to France
[email protected] blames race and gender for attacks on her.
Anthony Kay, 49, was wanted in connection with a case involving the distribution of heroin and cocaine, police said. He was found after officers were called to Belmont Hall.
Boston: person shot in the face on Ashmont Street Dorchester
Flooding from a water main break was reported on Walton Blvd. near I-49 Wednesday morning.
Baltimore: Prosecutors have ruled that police were justified in shooting a man who opened fire while on a bus in Dundalk
Former Montenegro ambassador tells Senate intel 2 Russian agents have been charged in plot to overthrow his country's govt and assassinate PM
Okolona: Shooting that left a man wounded in the shoulder. The shooting happened on Chapel Grove Road
An electrical worker died after falling 75 feet from a catwalk while working at the new Little Caesar's Arena construction site in Detroit.
[email protected]​: "Let's repeal the worst parts of ObamaCare."
Moscow preparing retaliation to arrest of its diplomatic property in U.S.- Russian foreign ministry
Philadelphia: A 16-year-old is recovering in the hospital after a gunman opened fire at a neighborhood barbecue. The victim's mother, Tywanda Davis, identified her daughter as Diamond Whitaker. The shooting happened on the 5900 block of Springfield Avenue
Norfolk: Shooting at McDonalds. Witness says a man attacked another guy with a crowbar. Guy shot him to defend himself
Man jailed for 90 days after drywall powder mistaken for cocaine.
One Dead, Bridge Damaged During Fire On Interstate In Jonesboro.
Authorities are looking for Lawrence Skarnulis, accused of bilking elderly customers at his computer repair store.
According to deputies, it appears the 40-year-old male victim was accidentally shot in the stomach with a 12-gauge bird shotgun.
Johnson County man hospitalized after exchanging gunfire with neighbor.
A Ten Commandments monument that courted controversy after it was installed on Arkansas State Capitol grounds was destroyed in less than 24 hours. Police say they have taken the man they believe to be responsible into custody.
Police are looking for suspects who opened fire on a man in Phoenix near 7th Street and Bell Road. The victim was taken to the hospital and later died.
Three people were injured in a crash near 72nd and Decatur streets Tuesday evening.
Kensington Police said a Brentwood man died in a crash Monday night on Route 107 near Hickory Lane.
"When they talk about phasing out Medicaid expansion starting in 2021, for Louisiana it will end in 2021" - La. Gov. John Bel Edwards (D)
Daytona Beach: An 18-year-old Florida woman was sentenced to 20 years in prison for using a dating app to set up a robbery that ended with another teen being shot
Chicago man arrested on multiple charges after Greensburg police recover 200 grams of heroin.
Today at the WH: Pres Trump holds energy roundtable, meeting with the @Cubs, meeting with victims of illegal aliens; Trump/GOP fundraiser.
Five people are facing multiple charges after police say they used stolen credit cards, and were also pulled over in a stolen car.
White House updates daily schedule to add off-camera briefing with @PressSec Sean Spicer.
Jeffrey Duane Artrip, 52, and Heidi Ann Artrip, 42, were found fatally shot around 5:30 p.m. Tuesday in a yard outside a home in the 200 block of Old Mill Road, the Sheriff’s Office said.
Alleged 'AK-47' bandit arrested in south-central Nebraska.
Police say family went to a home near 44th Street and McDowell looking for a man who they hadn't heard from for several days and found him dead inside.
@SpeakerRyan: News about Obamacare is getting more and more dire by the day. It’s more important than ever to Repeal And Replace.
Paul Labrecque, 31, was arrested Monday and charged with felony reckless conduct. Police accused Labrecque of firing several rounds within 50 feet of a group of teenagers in a neighborhood across the street from the police station.
A teenager who tumbled to her death at San Francisco Land's End ignored a posted danger sign and climbed a fence before she fell.
Police have jailed the remaining two suspects in the brutal beating and robbery of a pair of Boston-area tourists visiting the French Quarter over the weekend.
Integrated Test Force at NAS Patuxent River conducted first F-35 inverted negative G AIM-9x missile launch
[email protected]: The AmazonWashingtonPost, sometimes referred to as the guardian of Amazon not paying internet taxes (which they should) is FAKE NEWS!
Authorities have confirmed a gas line was hit. Roads are shut off by Microsoft.
Royal Oak: After one man was shot and another was stabbed at a Royal Oak apartment complex Sunday afternoon, police have made two arrests — but one has been released from custody, pending investigation
Pascagoula: Shooting that wounded one person on the grounds of an apartment complex on Eden Street near Colmer Middle School
Fireworks are completely banned for the first time this Fourth of July in Vancouver. It is against city ordinance to sell or set fireworks off within city limits.
While being held at gunpoint during a robbery, a 56-year-old contractor was “literally scared to death,” police say.
Crews are still hard at work on the $6.5 million construction project on the Morrison Bridge. Work on the Morrison Bridge lift span deck will finish at the end of October 2017.
Police detectives are investigating the shooting of an 24-year-old man in the 700 block of West 57th Street early Tuesday morning.
Covington: Shooting incident happened in the Mt. Pleasant Community, and one person was shot and killed
Temple Fire and Rescue responded to a building fire call at 5:36 a.m in the 100 block of South Martin Luther King Jr. Drive. The fire ignited inside of Big John's Paint and Body shop. No injuries have been reported.
The Southern Maine Animal Control Group announced Tuesday on Facebook that one of its officers had recovered a roughly 6-foot red tail boa constrictor roaming on High Street in Biddeford.
Dover: A shooting that left one man dead and a second man injured. Responded to the Pine Grove Apartments
Authorities in Arizona say a Virginia man has been arrested on suspicion of second-degree murder in the stabbing death of his girlfriend.
A man who pled guilty to plotting to shoot hundreds of people on behalf of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) received a life sentence Tuesday in a case that prosecutors say illustrates the dangers of Americans radicalized through social media.
Statement by Pakistan on India-US joint statement, calls India supporter of Taliban
Police say they have found a dead man in a taxi cab. They were called outside of the Alexis Park Inn a little after 3:30 a.m. today.
The Interstate 44 ramps to State Highway 152 will be closed today from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m.
Investigators with the Somerset County Sheriff’s Office said a Maine man took pictures of two children and sexually assaulted them.
The 3-day nurses lockout at Baystate Franklin Medical Center is scheduled to end Wednesday evening. There is no word, however, about when contract negotiations will resume between the hospital and the nurses union.
Suspect arrested for smashing glass panel of Boston Holocaust Memorial. He is scheduled to appear Wednesday in Boston Municipal Court.
Huntsville: Deadly shooting where a man was shot and killed on Barbara Drive. The victim's wife identified him as 44-year-old Perry Corn
A fire tore through a rooming house in Quincy early Wednesday morning, forcing one man to jump from a second-story window to escape the flames. No firefighters were injured.
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 8900 block of South Morgan: 1 killed
Chicago, Illinois shooting at 4000 block of W Grenshaw: 1 injured
A panel of glass on the Holocaust memorial in Boston was damaged early Wednesday.
"Our prayers are being answered." @SpeakerRyan and @GOPLeader reflect on Rep. Steve Scalise's recovery
A Casco woman helped save her family from a fire Tuesday.
Three Chicago police officers have been indicted on charges that they conspired to cover up and lie about what happened when a white police officer shot a black teenager 16 times.
Baltimore: Officer was involved in shots that were fired. Police were closing off the area around Curtis Bay Park and Recreation Center, around Pennington Avenue. The incident was reported on Elmtree Street at Pennington
Police Save Man's Life After He Was Shot At An Antioch Soccer Field. The victim remains in the hospital this morning with serious injuries. The motive for the shooting remains under investigation.
McCarr: A Pike County man is in jail accused of shooting his brother. It happened on Peter Fork Road. David Adkins, 42, fired multiple shots into a car with two people inside Adkins brother, Darrell Adkins, was shot and flown to the hospital.
Charleston: Police responding to a reported shooting on Ashley Phosphate Road near Cross County Road
North Charleston: Shooting on 3385 Ashley Phosphate Road. Man barricaded inside an apartment, woman injured
David L. Adkins reportedly fired multiple shots from a handgun into a car occupied by two people. The driver of that vehicle, Darrell K. Adkins, was hit. He was flown by helicopter to Pikeville Medical Center Trauma Unit. His condition is unknown at this time.
Angela Merkel has welcomed a US offer to resume TTIP trade talks
[email protected]: Some of the Fake News Media likes to say that I am not totally engaged in healthcare. Wrong, I know the subject well & want victory for U.S.
Houston: Man was shot in the 7600 block of Martin Luther King Boulevard. The victim was transported to a local hospital and is expected to survive
Officials in Rhode Island say a city firefighter has been fired for saying an elderly black woman should "stop eating fried chicken" when he responded to a call for medical aid.
Denver: Someone has died in an early morning shooting on Nassau Avenue near Yosemite
Indianapolis: Night shooting in the 3100 block of North College Avenue. Police found a man had been shot twice in the leg
Three young people are injured after being hit by a car in Falmouth. Two women and a man in their early 20’s were struck by an SUV on Teaticket Highway.
Around 10:00 p.m., police were called out to the Speedway convenience store at 2834 Battleground Avenue for a robbery. The suspect is described as a black man, around 6 feet tall, wearing a light blue bandana, mirrored sunglasses and a hat. He was last seen heading north on Battleground Avenue.
Red Sox beat Twins 9-2 after rain delays.
A downed power pole blocked all lanes of traffic on Alston Avenue early Wednesday morning. Police are asking drivers to avoid the area.
At least 3 people were rushed to Rhode Island Hospital Tuesday night after a truck crashed on Colwell Road.
Firefighters were called to the scene of a barn fire early Wednesday morning. Firefighters say that no animals were harmed in the blaze.
Video Captures Woman Stealing Cat From Yard. Anyone with information should call Newberg police.
Charleston: Shooting in the 3300 block of Ashley Phosphate Road
Columbia: Shooting that injured one person. The incident happened at the Hunter’s Ridge Apartment Complex off Broad River Road
Strangers buy car for 20-year-old Texas man who walks 3 miles to work.
Metropolitan Transportation Authority officials say a preliminary investigation indicates the Tuesday morning derailment in Harlem was caused by "an improperly secured piece of replacement rail" that was stored on the tracks during rail repairs.
5 children poisoned by chlorine gas during swim class.
A man wanted in connection to a break-in in Supply last month is in custody. Corbit Lee McLean was booked early Wednesday morning.
The NC Highway Patrol says a driver going the wrong way down Interstate 40 West/85 South slammed into another driver head-on early Tuesday morning. Both drivers died from their injuries.
Albany: Triple homicide investigation in Northwest. The bodies were found inside a duplex unit on East Alberson Drive. Two children, a 4-year-old boy, and a 1-year-old girl were inside the home at the time of the shootings but were not hurt
Masked suspects accused of stealing 7 pistols from Buckingham gun store. The ATF and the National Shooting Sports Foundation are both offering a possible reward of $2,500, bringing a total reward to $5,000 in the case.
1 person dead in house fire in New Brunswick. The victim has not yet been identified. An investigation into what caused the fire is ongoing.
Richland Hills: Officers responded to the 7600 block of Boulevard 26 reference a male victim with an apparent gunshot wound
Here's how you can help this Saturday for the annual All Lake Clean Up Day.
Attorneys asked a federal appeals court Monday to keep an inmate featured in the Netflix series Making a Murderer behind bars while they fight a second ruling overturning his conviction.
2 popular bands were on their way to Nashville to perform on Tuesday morning when their tour bus bursted into flames and were forced to evacuate. No one were injured.
[email protected]: increased US presence in Europe is tangible demonstration of commitment to NATO's Article V. "Good to see," he says
The new Kempsville Recreation Center in Virginia Beach is ready to open for the summer. A grand-opening celebration for the new center will be Thursday, June 29th at 11am.
One injured in an overnight shooting on the city's north side.
Firefighters revive family dog rescued from burning home.
Dad accused of killing son laughs, tries to joke with judge during hearing. During Tuesday's hearing, Andressian Sr. denied he intended to flee.
Two people shot in Anderson County. Dispatch said two people were taken to the emergency room in private vehicles.
Woman gives birth on Spirit plane, baby gets free flights for life.
Atlanta: Scene of a fatal shooting. Gun shot victim forced father/son at gun point during robbery
Residents in Kakaako building evacuated after reports of shots fired. Police have arrested a man in suspicion of firing off multiple gunshots at a Kakaako apartment building, following an hours-long standoff.
Firefighters are at the scene of a fire at West 110th and Franklin late Tuesday and into the early morning hours on Wednesday.
Officials say they located the black Saturn Astra that is tied to Yingying Zhang’s disappearance. She has been missing since Friday, June 9.
New Mexico health officials have documented two more human cases of plague in Santa Fe County.
Police trying to locate mother of baby boy dropped off at hospital. A woman brought him to the hospital and told staff his name. The woman is known to hospital staff and is believed to be mentally ill.
Body found in Oklahoma Walmart 3 days after woman entered store.
A 23-year-old man has been arrested after smashing through two gates and driving onto the basketball court at the University of Missouri over the weekend, causing an estimated $100,000 in damage.
New fire restrictions on State Fish and Wildlife lands start Friday.
The six boys charged this week with breaking into a home and stealing a Porsche, a safe stuffed with more than $200,000 in cash and two loaded handguns were so young that only one was old enough to drive.
Venezuelan police attacked the country's Supreme Court, dropping grenades from a helicopter.
An 18-year-old man is accused of inappropriately touching two 13-year-old girls in Union Grove.
Adrian Beltre's ninth-inning homer leads Texas Rangers to win over Cleveland Indians.
A Heber City business owner who was arrested after he was accused of sexually abusing at least two children is now facing child pornography charges.
An Ohio woman set on fire by her ex-boyfriend and whose injuries prompted legislation that would allow longer sentences for crimes that permanently maim or disfigure victims has died.
David Freese misplayed a groundball at third base, allowing Steven Souza Jr. to score in the 10th inning and giving the Tampa Bay Rays a 4-2 win over the Pittsburgh Pirates on Tuesday night.
A fatal accident occurred around 12:20 p.m. Tuesday on Highway 183 about 2 miles east of Dacusville in Pickens County, according to Highway Patrol Trooper Joe Hovis.
A former Kapolei High School counselor has been sentenced to five years probation for soliciting a child for prostitution.
A Salt Lake City man pleaded guilty to killing his 72-year-old husband, restaurant owner and philanthropist John Williams, in a fire.
An off duty Chicago police officer is one of two people killed in a high speed car accident on the West Side.
The former treasurer for an Anchorage youth hockey association has been charged with stealing $180,000 from the group.
A woman was found dead in a burning garage in the Back of the Yards neighborhood. The identity of the woman is still unknown, police say the victim was in her 50's.
Jacksonville: A drive-by shooting in a normally quiet neighborhood has left neighbors uneasy. Two homes were shot at near Randall Street and Talbot Avenue
FAU WR Kalib Woods pleads not guilty to two felony battery charges.
A 21-year-old woman is dead after a crash near Whitehall. They say the crash happened on Thursday night but was not found until Tuesday because the car was not visible from the road.
Garland Baylor is accused of hitting a woman several times with a baseball bat and threatening to kill her. Police were called to the scene of reported attack at around 2 p.m. June 26 on the 500 block of Seneca Street.
Boise ponds still shut down after alarming levels of E. coli were found last week.
Presidemnt Trump said yesterday “relationship between India and the United State has never been stronger and has never been better”: US State Department
Secretary Tillerson and PM Modi talked about ways to further strengthen cooperation particularly in counter terrorism, defence and trade: US State Department
Two Lauderdale County Schools employees were indicted on theft charges after the district accidentally paid the employees after they quit.
Aliy Zirkle’s retired Iditarod sled dog missing. Scruggs is an Alaskan Husky with bright blue eyes with a white face and brown ears. He’s wearing a red collar with silver tags that still have Zirkle’s contact information.
A transgender registered sex offender in Montana has pleaded guilty to raping a 15-year-old girl.
A 50-mile section of Interstate 84 was back open Tuesday evening after being closed to traffic as fire crews worked to get a handle on a wildfire burning in Cassia and Oneida counties.
Large grass fire near Utah border grows to 3,000. There is no estimation as to what time the fire will be put out. The cause of the fire is also not known at this time. Fire investigators will begin their investigation once the fire is under control. Right now, no structures are threatened by the fire.
Two men were charged for larceny after they stole multiple items while helping Kenneth Grey, 37, move items out of his house.
Authorities say a Montana man accused of shooting at a Kansas state trooper is a bank robber dubbed “the AK-47 bandit” by the FBI.
Dispatchers said a nine-year-old child riding his bicycle has been hit and killed by a car in Gallagher.