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24 Mars 2018
2 time siden
[email protected]: Our thoughts and prayers are with the victims of the horrible attack in France yesterday, and we grieve the nation's loss. We also condemn the violent actions of the attacker and anyone who would provide him support. We are with you @EmmanuelMacron.
Hundreds of thousands set to march for tighter U.S. gun controls #MarchForOurLives
Georgian Parliament completes constitutional reform with support of majority of the Parliament.4 time siden
Georgian Parliament completes constitutional reform with support of majority of the Parliament.
Happening now, in Chattanooga and across the country, thousands are taking to the streets to #MarchForOurLives. @TimesFreePress
Just getting started at CLT #MarchForOurLives.
Getting ready to lead #MarchForOurLives in downtown STL
#MarchForOurLives in Milwaukee.
marchforourlives madison Marching in Madison, WI.4 time siden
#marchforourlives #madison Marching in Madison, WI.
Starting the day off in Haverhill. #MarchForOurLives
Sarasota student Lauren Bell speaking asks the crowd on hand to ShowUp and vote. Crowd responds vote them out MarchForOurLives4 time siden
Sarasota student Lauren Bell speaking asks the crowd on hand to ShowUp and vote. Crowd responds "vote them out" #MarchForOurLives
#MarchForOurLives New Albany, IN
Hundreds show up in Staunton to participate in MarchForOurLives4 time siden
Hundreds show up in Staunton to participate in MarchForOurLives
MarchForOurLives in NYC4 time siden
#MarchForOurLives in NYC
Check out @BethTikvahOH marching in Columbus. MarchForOurLives4 time siden
Check out @BethTikvahOH marching in Columbus. #MarchForOurLives
March For Our Lives  in PortlandME4 time siden
March For Our Lives in #PortlandME
#MarchForOurLives 10:18 am People streaming down Penn. Ave toward the stage near the Capitol.
Apple's Tim Cook calls for calm heads on China, U.S. trade
18 time siden
Statement from @PressSec says @POTUS has "rescinded his previous memorandum on transgender service in the military in order to allow Secretary Mattis to implement a new policy developed through extensive study by senior uniformed and civilian leaders, including combat veterans."
22 time siden
[email protected]: Obama Administration legalized bump stocks. BAD IDEA. As I promised, today the Department of Justice will issue the rule banning BUMP STOCKS with a mandated comment period. We will BAN all devices that turn legal weapons into illegal machine guns.
23 time siden
@TheJusticeDept reports Novato resident 67 y.o. Edward N. Levine is sentenced to 27 months in prison for the sale of two black rhinoceros horns in Las Vegas
Police officers arriving on scene at mall in Culver City
1 dag siden
[email protected]: Democrats 'Fought Every Single Inch of the Way' on DACA
USNavy to commission its newest guided-missile destroyer USS Ralph Johnson tomorrow in Charleston, South Carolina
1 dag siden
[email protected]: "We'll have by far the most powerful nuclear force on earth Hopefully - praise be to God - we don't ever have to use it, but there will be nobody that's even close."
1 dag siden
[email protected]: "The stock market's way up. When I came into office the stock market was from a different planet."
1 dag siden
Mattis: "We in the military are humbled and grateful to the American people for their sacrifices on behalf of this funding. it's our responsibility in the military to spend every dollar wisely in order to keep the trust and the confidence of the American people and the Congress."
Mattis at White House: "Today we received the largest military budget in history, reversing many years of decline and unpredictable funding. Together, we're going to make our military stronger than ever."
1 dag siden
[email protected]: "I do want the Hispanic community to know and DACA recipients to know that Republicans are much more on your side than @TheDemocrats who are using you for their own purposes."
1 dag siden
[email protected]: "Not happy with $1.6 billion but it does start the wall and we will make that $1.6 billion go very, very far."
1 dag siden
[email protected]: "We're also spending $6 billion on, as you know, various forms of drug control, helping people that are addicted."
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